Guest Appearances

Every now and then one of my friends asks me to guest host on one of their shows.  While my schedule does not always work out to where I can assist, I do whenever I can.  This page is devoted to chronicling my various guest appearances, and is largely here for my own amusement.  If you find yourself in need of a guest feel free to ping me on twitter to see what my availability is like in a given week.

Battle Bards

I’ve been a long time listener of the Battle Bards podcast since I believe episode one.  I too have this attachment to the music in the games I listen to and as a programmer by trade I find it easier to code to instrumental music.  As a result movie and game soundtracks are on heavy rotation.  When Syp and Syl asked me to fill in on the show I was extremely happy that my schedule worked out.

Beyond Bossfights

Braxwolf is amazing and is the brain child behind The Gaming and Entertainment Network that AggroChat is a part of.  Roughly once a quarter we attempt to gather some of the hosts from the various TGEN podcasts and do a roundtable of sorts.  This is hosted by a specific podcast and during the one I participated in it was hosted as part of the Beyond Bossfights podcast.

Game On

I was admittedly shocked when Chris Coke asked me to guest on the Game On Podcast, and even more shocked when they invited me back for a second episode.  Great show hosted by some great folks.  Would happily do again if my schedule aligns.

Gamer Hangout

This is the first and only videocast I have appeared on and honestly acted as a Catalyst for the creation of AggroChat.  I liked the conversational format, but appearing on camera made me deeply uncomfortable.  The very awesome Beau Hindman gave me a standing offer if I ever wanted to appear again, but again… the whole video thing is just not for me.

Multiplaying Podcast/The MMO Show

I love the Multiplaying folks and even though they have changed names to The MMO Show, the cast remains the same.  This is one of several shows that I feel a great kinship with because it is essentially the same format that we ended up with in AggroChat, where a bunch of friends just sit around and talk about stuff.

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