The Ancient Library

Land of Lost Cables

This morning I feel like the world is angry at me.  Namely we spent the last two days doing some hardcore cleaning and rearranging of both my and my wife’s offices.  This involved taking loads of stuff to good will, and even more loads of stuff out to the dumpster we rented.  However it feels like maybe the end is in sight.  The funny thing about this process is I am finding things that I did not remember existed.  Like for example… wedding pictures…  I did not remember we had a book of wedding pictures.  I realize that statement sounds weird… because everyone remembers photos at their wedding right?  Well for us… we eloped and there was a pretty limited group of people that COULD have taken photos.  I am guessing my cousin Sarah took the photos because she does not appear in any of them, but it was still kinda cool…. and god did we look young.

We also found a stack of photos from our college graduation… and apparently overall shorts were a big thing in 1998… because both my wife and my niece were wearing them.  The other awesome thing about cleaning is finding all the things I have bought and re-bought a dozen times.  Like right now I have bins labeled video, audio, usb and network…  and all of them are overflowing with cables.  I seriously should not need to get any form of a USB cable for example for life.  I have every possible connector save for maybe USB 3.  In addition I found more iPhone/iPad cables than I remember us ever having.  So as I dismantle my office today to do the final leg of this process I should have more than enough cables to hook things up however I want to in the final configuration.

The Ancient Library

ffxiv_dx11 2015-07-03 20-27-25-13 Since we are expected to participate in the Four Job Fiesta every single year…  our circle of friends has developed a deep understanding of the content contained within Final Fantasy V… in part because Ashgar has such a deep understanding of said content.  So when it was leaked that Heavensward would include the Library of Ancients needless to say we were a little excited.  Thursday night I managed to get up to the appropriate level to do the dungeon, and last night after Page64-ffv-iosall of the cleaning I sat down and managed to get a guild group to run it.  I have to say I am really damned impressed with the experience and this might be my favorite dungeon yet…  which is a pretty mighty feat considering I really really love The Vault, with its Scarlet Monastery 2.0 feel.  What is best is the way that many of the mobs pop out of books just like they did in Final Fantasy V.  In fact one of the mobs that you run into over and over is good ole page 64.

As you might suspect it has the ability to cast level 5 doom… which apparently plays by the rules set forth in Final Fantasy V.  This means players who are 59 are unaffected, but those level 60 players have to get the hell out or they straight up die.  Granted we have not actually tested this, so it might just be a rumor.  Once again I streamed my run of the dungeon so that I could capture it in video form.  The absolute best part of the dungeon is of course Byblos which takes the place of the middle boss.  The best part is when you kill him he says “Soon, the seal of the master will be open.”  I love it when Final Fantasy XIV does some fan service and so accurately depicts a mob from another game in this one.  One thing I learned is that the Gale Cut attack can be completely avoided if you just move from out of front of him when he is casting it.  So far every dungeon in Heavensward has been better than the last, so I am completely amped to see what the end game dungeons are going to be like.

The Road to Sixty

ffxiv_dx11 2015-07-03 18-14-48-09The library finally paid off and I started to get some warrior drops.  The set that comes from the Library is one that I am going to have to farm up because I either look like a Sherlock Holmes era inspector or a refugee from Diagon Alley.  In either case I am a fan of it, and it looks pretty adorable when I run around like this.  Tam is going to be quick to point out that this is not a plate set of armor…  and I will give him that.  It is very much not plate, but instead a cloth robe…  but it looks adorable so I am just going with it for the time being.  The only thing that I have yet to see at all this expansion is a weapon drop.  Every single dungeon seems to drop a nice weapon, but in all cases I have seen zero axes.  As a result I am struggling through on the HQ white weapons that you get through the storyline.  I figure soon enough I will be able to purchase a nice end game weapon as after last nights shenanigans I am roughly a sixth of a level away from sixty.

ffxiv_dx11 2015-07-03 19-45-58-51 My hope is tonight…  in my newly arranged office… I will be able to push the rest of the way into sixty.  It seems there is a dungeon that folks are waiting to run that comes at the end of the main storyline.  I am more than happy to tank for my friends… I just have to get to max level first.  As horrible as 58 was… I have to say so far 59 has been pretty chill.  Just through pushing through the main storyline in the final area and then doing some side quests and two dungeon runs… I have been able to conquer most of this level.  Had I managed to actually do my clan hunts yesterday rather than getting pulled straight into a dungeon I might have dinged last night before logging.  In theory I could do that tonight and hit the cap… then catch up on the last bit of story that leads to the final dungeon.  My god… the story…  things happen and I want so bad to talk about them, but most of my readers I would assume are not quite there yet.