Titan Mitsurugi

Plans Change

Opening the very disappointing Chest of Yuul

I had every intent last night of coming home and working on Star Wars the Old Republic, but instead I spent almost my entire evening futzing around in Destiny.  I did at least manage to get into SWTOR long enough to re-gear my Sith Sorcerer and claim Treek from my collection vault.  So in theory I should be ready to go with a new tank for future shenanigans.  What happened last night is ultimately what has happened so many nights lately, that I start working on this bounty or that quest and end up spending the entire evening there.  Towards the beginning of the night I decided to step foot into my very first heroic strike.  I have to say it honestly went pretty smoothly, and I lucked out that I managed to get one that I had at least done on normal mode.  The second strike I got however…  was not so smooth.  It ended with me being the last person remaining in the strike after the other two guardians gave up.  I was slowly working my way through the mobs, but quite honestly it was going to take forever… so I also gave up and left.  For some reason they were trying to rush ahead and skip mobs that only served to destroy us as a result when several different groups of mobs came tracking us down at once.  A few carefully timed supers whittled down the mess but we still had the final area with five ultras up, and I simply did not have enough ammo to make it through all of that by myself.

It’s like a Manta Ray with Pants!

In my travels last night I ended up picking up a Key of Yuul, and as I have gotten these various chest keys I have made an effort to try and track down the location.  This one is a pain in the ass and is located near the Court of Oryx on the Dreadnought.  The problem with it is, that you have to use a series of those invisible platforms to get up to the ledge that the chest is on.  I suck at jumping puzzles and as a result I was cursing while trying to do it.  As always the chest itself was disappointing, only giving me some materials and some court of oryx tokens.  I did however manage to get several legendary items from rare engrams.  One of which is the above Fusion Rifle, which has a name that is a bit of an inside joke for anyone who has watched the abridged PlayStation 4 reveal video.  Panta Rhei is actually a latest generation rendering system… but in the video the joke is made that it is like a Manta Ray with Pants.  I have to think that someone created this gun as a nod to that joke.  In truth it is pretty fun to use, and is significantly more enjoyable than the fusion rifle I had.  I seem to have incredible luck getting legendary items from rare engrams, because it seems like at least once a night one of them yield something nice.  Granted a lot of it just ends up being disenchant fodder, but those are still tasty tasty legendary marks right?

Sword Titan

will always be “Soul Edge” to me…

One of the things you have to realize about me… is that I am bad at actually following content in Destiny.  Hell it took me until a few weeks ago when we took Carthuun through it to actually do the Dark Below and House of Wolves content.  Similarly I have done shit for making progress on any of the dozens of quests I have.  Well in truth that isn’t exactly true, but apparently I was simply focusing on the wrong quests.  Last night when Carth logged in he helped me get my act together on the sword quest and as a result show me his Hadium Flake farming route.  I have to say… I was skeptical at first but in about thirty minutes of running around we gathered up the fifteen flakes I needed to get my sword.  I think I may actually be able to eventually farm the amount needed to get get Touch of Malice the Exotic Scout Rifle.  The thing I need to sort out is how to find Calcified Fragments, because I have only actually gotten two of them, and the part of the quest that seems insurmountable is that I will need 45 of them.  Mostly I think I just need to do some research because there has to be a similar route to find them.

Rare Ship Blueprints
Rare Ship Blueprints

The most exciting thing that dropped last night was during our manic chest farming route, I managed to get rare ship blueprints.  Once I turned in back at the tower it ended up giving me the ship above.  I still think I like my teal/grey kestrel better, but I figure I will use this for a bit until I get sick of it then swap back.  Ships seem to be one of the harder to get of the cosmetic items available, and I guess I can see why since they are basically the thing that you see when you load into a strike with random players.  If you have a really cool looking ship, it is bragging rights of sorts.  I’ve seen some really badass looking ones, and I have no clue how to get half of them.  The thing about Destiny is that I am making really slow progress, but still having a blast.  I had a friend last night send me a message to ask if I wanted to do a Nightfall… and I am not even vaguely close to well enough geared for that.  Unlike a traditional MMO though I feel zero rush to get geared to do stuff.  At some point I need to grab Carthuun and Euron and do a night full of nothing but heroic strikes but I am really hoping to do this over the weekend, when I have a chance to buy some more three of coins.  I want exotics, and I want them pretty bad…  but not bad enough to grind my face off to get them.