Munchkin Mania

Too Old for This

Every now and then I will say something like “I am too old for that”, and I don’t really believe that is ever the case.  It is just a shorthand for “I am old enough to release that it has consequences and am unwilling to deal with those.”  When you get older, you realize that your actions have severe negative effects on your wellbeing at times, and attempt to avoid these at all costs.  The funny thing is… staying up until midnight is not a huge deal, I do it all the time.  However this usually means that I have had a gradual winding down throughout the evening and am at a super chill place when midnight actually comes.  Last night I was out driving through town at 11pm, and it had a vastly different effect, and this morning I am paying for it.

While I greatly enjoyed my evening, I now feel groggy and useless this morning as I sit here attempting to assemble a post.  It is a sort of post excitement hang-over of sorts, and as I think about it… it really feels like a mild version of an actual hangover.  I am sure I could have slept in more, but my wife brought one of the ferrets in to “play” this morning, and when I looked at the time and felt the grumbling in my tummy I figured it was “good enough”.  I can’t be grumpy with my wife for waking me, because in reality it was a good thing I was up at 8 am, will keep my schedule from being thrown off too much.  Additionally I wake her up with the ferrets at pretty much any opportunity I get…  so turn about is fair play.

Munchkin Mania

So what exactly doing that caused me to drive home last night through the rain at 11:30 at night?  Well as I said yesterday a good friend of mine is in town for the weekend to attend the Muskogee Renfaire.  As a result Rae decided we needed to have a game night, where we would play board games, eat pizza and generally have a good time.  It had been ages since any of us sitting at the table had played munchkin, so we had to relearn the rules.  Honestly it probably would have just been faster if we had called up the Munchkin episode of Tabletop on my chromebook and watched it to “grok” the rules a little faster.  I am known for being all about the death, destruction and ultimately loot in the games I play, so Munchkin is one of those games that is ideally suited for my sensibilities… even before you factor in that the cards are hilarious.

Our mistake however was the fact that Rae owns both the base set and the Cleric and Ranger sets.  We decided to just jumble everything together and play with some massive decks of cards.  The problem with this is that in doing so it drags out the game immensely.  I should have taken a picture of my hand, but at one point last night I had some dozen bonuses in play and I felt like a little kid playing dressup.  I feel like somehow Rae stacked the deck or something, because she managed to win BOTH of the rounds of Munchkin that we played.  She is a sneaky one, and kind comes out from nowhere.  At one point I was set up to win, and I thought no one could do anything about it.  However she was sitting all that time on a card that allows her to right the monster instead of me.  Unfortunately my cards were in play, reducing the monster to something we could not buff enough to defeat her.

This is the fun of munchkin, there are no such things as permanent alliances.  Essentially anyone that is level 9, just became everyone on the boards enemy.  Dallian had the bad luck of drawing a lot of instant level up cards, meaning he became the focus of our aggression early in each game.  Like I would manage to sneak in the level up cards every now and then to kinda keep people from noticing that I was gaining power.  He on the other hand would lay down 3 in one turn, making folks realize “oh crap! he is winning!” at which point we all turned our guns to bear down on him.  I kinda feel bad that this happened since he was the visitor to our fair city and all, but all is fair in love and loot.

Warming Coldharbor

eso 2014-05-14 19-51-12-450 At some point I need to get out and pick up the dry cleaning today, but other than that my key mission is to get through Coldharbor, or at the very least ding 50 trying.  At this point I am really amped and ready to move on to the veteran level content.  Aldmeri Dominion is the first stop on the veteran content for the Daggerfall Covenant, and this is the faction that I have played the least of.  In fact I have not even got past Auridon, or even halfway through it on any character in beta.  So I am really looking forward to exploring this area, and killing copious amounts of elves in the process.  As my friend said, if you like killing elves… you get to do that more in Aldmeri than any other faction.  Unfortunately I kinda wish I could align with the Maromer… angry snake worshipping pirate elves are so much cooler than the Aldmeri.

Other than this I know I want to play some more wildstar at some point.  I would really like to see if my Chua Engineer remains fun as I start getting more abilities.  Additionally I feel like I have been neglecting ArcheAge, so I will probably be playing some more of that.  Basically today I want to vegetate and play lots of games.  We have to go to a wedding tomorrow, so today is my one real shot at messing about happily in various games.  Hopefully you too can have a relaxing weekend, and I am hoping that Dallian and Rae have a blast at the Renfaire.  They really are not my thing, but from everything I have heard says that the one here at the Castle is one of the better ones in the country.  One of the absolute best things I have ever heard of is one year when a guy went dressed as Spock, and he kept scanning people with his tri-corder and muttering “fascinating”.