Netflix Castlevania



It would be a bit of an understatement to say I was excited about the new Netflix anime series based loosely on the events of Castlevania III.  I have a deep relationship with this game series and while I have not played a lot of them, it was nonetheless extremely important during my formative video game playing years.  The original was the very first game that I saved up money to purchase for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Back then at roughly age 11, it took a long time to scrounge up the money to buy a $50 video game…  but that was really only half of the obstacle.  To get the game itself required going someplace that had video games… or at least in the case of Castlevania a trip to Toys R Us…  the closest of which was an hour and some change away from home.  To say I devoured the game is a bit of an understatement as well… there are sequences in the original game that are burned into my brain just as indelibly as the Vampire Killer theme is.  I have said this plenty of times… but I count Castlevania Symphony of the Night as my favorite game of all time and consider it pretty damned closed to perfect.  When Koji Igarashi started the kickstarter for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night…  I threw money at my screen and backed it as soon as I could.  Since then I have played through the demo version that backers got a few times…  so to say I am the target audience is also probably a bit of an understatement.


The show released officially over the weekend on the 7th but I just finally was able to sit down for a period of time and watch through it last night.  Prior to doing so I had been seeing a bit of confusing press floating around with folks generally being unsatisfied with the new netflix offering.  Firstly this is probably the most bingeable Netflix “series” I have ever seen…  with only 4 episodes weighing in around 100 minutes of total watching.  This honestly felt more like a pilot and less like a complete series, but I won’t get hung up on those details.  What the season is more than anything is setting the stage for the second season.  Since this series is roughly based on the third Nintendo Entertainment System Castlevania game… we go into it knowing some of the major plot points and it seems like the show more or less is following them.  During the four episodes we are introduced to a cast of characters that will play out over the series…  but I found it curious that at least one major character was completely absent.  I am hoping this was just a situation of not having met him yet through the course of the very short few episodes that we got, and will join the team as a later reveal.  The show sets up the central conflict between the early science hating church and Dracula…  and to a lesser extent the general forces of the enlightenment.  For the Christian viewers…  I could see some of the dialog being a little hard to swallow.  For me personally… it did an excellent job of setting up the central conflict that made Castlevania III so different than some of the others in the series.


One of the complaints that I have seen online about the show is that Dracula is not set up to be a sympathetic character…  and frankly I disagree.  I found myself sympathizing with Dracula quite a bit honestly, and were I in his position I probably would have wanted to burn everything to the ground as well.  As far as matching the tone of the games…  you are supposed to hate Dracula because ultimately that is the core conflict.  Castlevania more or less is about the central conflict between the Belmont family and Dracula.  More or less every 100 years Castlevania materializes in our plane of existence, and the Belmont clan trains to be able to stop him each time.  This series has a Belmont and a Dracula…  so I feel like it met all of the necessary requirements for being able to call itself a Castlevania anything.  I honestly thought all of the character introductions worked extremely well, especially Alucard…  who isn’t 100% on our side and we get that impression.  The real problem with the series as I see it is that I want more of it.  Four episodes was just not enough because it essentially serves as the pregame cinematic setting everything up…  and we haven’t really gotten to any of the meat of the game yet…  or in this case the series.  I mean they had to functionally tell an origin story given that they cannot really guarantee that anyone who is watching the show has ever actually consumed any of the source material.  I feel like they did a great job of setting the stage…  but I am not really looking forward to the likely two year wait until the next batch of episodes.  This time I am hoping they give us way more than four in a single sitting.  This won’t be the show for everyone…  but I am not looking to nitpick something that I never thought I would actually see in my lifetime.  I am more than happy just to sit back and enjoy it.

Media Consumption 11/28/2015


Rainy Morning

MediaConsumptionIt’s been a good morning, albeit a cold and rainy one.  I got up and made a beeline to the kitchen to fix some breakfast.  We’ve recently had a renaissance with the little triangle sandwich maker thing that became popular during the 90s.  Recently we started playing with making pancakes in it, and the resulting tiny triangles of pancake goodness are awesome.  So I fixed pancakes and sausage and my wife and I nommed happily.  From there I ended up popping into World of Warcraft for a bit to do some garrison stuff, and shortly thereafter found The Goonies on cable.  Around about this point my wife and I decided it was a good idea to go lay down and snuggle with the cats.  It was around this point where my wife asked me… if I had already done a blog post.  It had quite honestly slipped my mind.  I live my life based on a sequence of rituals, with each one kicking off the next ritual… and if any of them happen out of order all sorts of mayhem occurs.

So that folks is how one almost breaks a three year streak of daily posting…  not with tragic circumstances… but just a charming morning that made me forget that the internet was a thing.  As a result I am getting a really late start at the day, but have now officially had some coffee so I believe I can functional properly once more.  I’m back on the sofa wrapped in my blanket cocoon and tapping away on my laptop.  Generally speaking Thanksgiving is usually this difficult holiday filled with running around like crazy, but this year a bunch of things have happened ending up making it the most chill and relaxed time ever.  Firstly we wrapped up the work on the house just before the extended weekend, and with that there was a flurry of cleaning to make the house feel “finished”.  Then we were able to load all of our meals into an evening and a morning…  giving us the rest of the break just to chill.  At this point we are taking advantage of the constant rain and the cold temperatures to simply stay in doors and hibernate.

Jessica Jones


With the hibernation has come a lot of Netflix or equivalent digital streaming.  Over the past week I have been watching the new Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones.  I have to admit that this is a character that I only know of in relation to the other characters she surrounds.  I went through my “Kung Fu” phase where I read a lot of Powerman and Iron Fist, and ever since have had a certain affinity for the characters in that chunk of the Marvel Universe.  In truth…  after the amazing results of the Daredevil series, I would have watched anything produced for Netflix feature Marvel characters.  Jessica Jones however took a completely different tone, but one equally gritty.   While Daredevil shows the clear physical toll of being a hero…  Jessica Jones does a good job of showing the mental and emotional toll.  Jones herself is completely walled off from the world in her own emotional bomb shelter, trying to keep as many people away from her… because she is convinced that is the only way she can actually keep them safe.

The show also digs into a lot of themes of violation and betrayal but does so in a slightly different way than we are used to seeing.  The Purple Man has always been such a strange character in the comics, and I was not quite sure how they would end up making it work for the screen.  David Tennant’s portrayal does this excellent job of walking this razor line between making him completely horrific and likable at the same time.  There are times you think that maybe with the proper role model, he could change and be a force for good…  only to get those hopes dashed when you realize that this is a person without any sense of a moral compass.  The actor playing Luke Cage also does an amazing job of bringing that character to life, and I am hoping we see a significant big more of him in the future seasons and the supposed upcoming Luke Cage Hero for Hire show.  My favorite insider moment in the show was when Rosario Dawson’s Clare Temple, and it is setting her up to be the Night Nurse taking care of all the supers in trouble.  I could gush about Ritter, but really without her the show would have fallen apart completely.  I highly suggest watching it… and I am trying really hard not to do any serious spoilers here.

Inside Out


Last night I also finally got around to watching Pixar’s Inside Out.  I have to say that in all honesty there has yet to be a Pixar film that I have not loved, and that is saying something because in truth…  I can’t say the same about Disney animated films in general.  There is a certain magic that Pixar brings to the screen, and a certain timeless “realness” that they give their characters.  This film was a bit of an emotional roller coaster but I guess that makes since as it is kinda the “Feelings Have Feelings Too” movie.  There were so many moments where I laughed out loud, and several moments towards the end of the movie where I failed miserably to fight back tears.  Maybe the whole nostalgic binge I have been on served to deepen the experience of this movie.  There were so many profound messages like…  you can’t really be happy without also feeling sad sometimes.  There were moments I related to the dad, especially when he was straight up oblivious…  because so often I get lost in my own head and forget that I am supposed to be paying attention to the world around me.  One of my favorite bits came at the very end of the movie when it showed the inside of the cats head…  I am pretty sure that is exactly how it works inside our cats at least.  This morning while laying in bed… every so often one of them would go tearing through the house for no apparent reason… only to come back and snuggle a few minutes later.

Heroes Reborn


Another thing that I started last night was Heroes Reborn, which is the reboot of the much acclaimed Heroes television show from a few years back.  I say much acclaimed… and by that I guess I really just mean the first season.  The show as a whole went tragically downhill quickly after that, and I blame the writers strike on pretty much killing all hope of that show living up to its full potential.  I mean I realize strikes have to happen, but that managed to kill a number of would be amazing televisions shows.  This time around we have zoomed forward to several years after the events of the first series, to a time where the “Evos” as they are now calling folks with super powers are out in the open and an act of terrorism has turned the public against them.  The show has shades of the Mutant Registration act from X-Men, and the first episode centers on the dad from the first series, who has apparently forgotten any knowledge from the event.  The first episode was intriguing enough to get me to start watching it, and I figure at some point today I will continue on that process.  Will be interesting to see where they go with this one, and I hope that maybe just maybe they can live up to the promise that the first season started.

Hibernation Season

Hiding Out

Every now and then I go through these periods where I run away from the groups and games that require me to interact with other people and for lack of a better term “hide out”.  They are usually paired with a period of high stress in my life, and I guess the current work stress mixed with the life stress of a bunch of big things looming on the horizon… could count as that.  I also just went to the doctor and found out that I am dangerously low on Vitamin D.  Generally speaking a healthy range is between 30 and 70 and on the test I came back with a score of like 10.  Vitamin D effects all sorts of things… not the least of which is mental health and mood, so I would not be surprised if all of the bouts of depression were related to that chemical deficiency in particular.  I am taking some insane 50,000 unit Vitamin D supplements once a week to help balance me out again, but I am still in the thrall of that desire to hide away from the rest of the world.

I think in part this is why I have not really been around in Final Fantasy XIV much because I have helped to build this wonderful and interactive world…  that likes me being around.  So when I am around I feel obligated to interact and be friendly…. and right now that is just too much of a drain on me.  Similarly I have an issue with Wildstar because the Black Dagger Society is so damned friendly that I feel like an asshole if I am not also friendly back.  As a result I end up playing a lot of Diablo III because I can get lost in a private game without the feeling of needing to reciprocate too many social graces.  This is definitely a me thing and not due to any of the amazing people in my life.  I am broken, and every now and then I just need to retreat inside myself until I am “less broken”.   What I do when I am like this is hang out downstairs and binge television shows.  I don’t really watch TV on a regular basis apart from Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead which becomes Monday morning water cooler discussion at work.  I am what is wrong with broadcast television…  I either record a show or watch it from a combination of hulu/netflix/amazon prime.  The concept of watching a television show as it airs just seems so damned strange to me now.  The problem being…  I am the reason why good shows get seen as failures…  because they are designed for people like me…  not the nightly television viewing public.

The Strain


Awhile back one of my coworkers told me about the show The Strain.  The problem with not watching television is that you also don’t really find out when a show is on the air.  I love movies and television shows about things that go bump in the night, and as such I have a deep respect for the director Guillermo Del Torro.  This show is apparently an adaptation of a graphic novel by the same title from 2009.  There is really no disguising the fact that this is a vampire show… but not one in the Ventrue/Toreador tradition that we have seen Hollywood obsessed with lately.  These are the Malkavians and Nosferatu that hide in the shadows.  This show brings back a return to “vampires as monsters” instead of “vampires and glittery swoony boyfriend material”.  The problem is I am not sure how much more of the plot that I want to give away other than that.  Suffice to say you end up with a badass team of Vampire Hunters, lead by a grizzled old Van Helsing type that is played by none other than “Argus Filtch” aka David Bradley.  The show has a very “zombie apocalypse” feel to it, but with smarter hunters stalking their prey rather than the mindless oppression of a world constantly looking for food.  If you like the monster genre, I highly suggest you check it out.  Even if you don’t normally like monster movies…  it might be worth your time because the characters are really excellent and with their own interesting flaws.  The first season is available on Hulu, and the show has been picked up for a second season.




Constatine might be the “least NBC” television show I have ever watched.  I am not really sure what the network executives were thinking when they greenlit this show…. but honestly it was not destined for broadcast television.  The show developed a very small but fanatically devoted following… and honestly after finishing the first season I can see why.  Sadly watching this show I felt pangs of regret… because I am part of the reason why the show never got a second season.  I recorded it on my DVR and then binge watched it months after the show was cancelled.  This is going to be another Firefly/Space Above and Beyond regret for me…  because really the show is quite amazing.  It does an excellent job of presenting the character of John Constantine with all of his flaws…  and virtues.  They did a much better job with the casting this time around than the Keanu Reeves movie….  which while they failed miserably at Constantine did a pretty damned good job of capturing the setting.  I am still holding out hope that someone might pick this up as a Netflix, Hulu or Amazon exclusive.  They have already announced that the character of John Constantine would be appearing regularly on Arrow, so there is at least hope keeping this franchise alive.  Placing this show on NBC however…. was just destined to fail.  I think had it even appeared on the NBC Universal owned USA network… it might have found a home.




This show…  took me a few episodes before I got into it…  but now I am currently watching my way through it and I love it.  What it reminds me of is Firefly… but a show set in a different corner of that universe.  In Firefly you were out on the outer rim of society…  in a lawless wild west simulacrum.  This show instead is about the bounty hunters operating in and out of the core worlds, the Killjoys.  So far the show has spent equal time on and off of civilized worlds, and as it progresses there is an interesting world emerging.  The bulk of the show is set in an area of space known as the Quad… which is a planet orbited by three dwarf planets.  Qresh being the central planet ruled by the nine families, and between them is an unsteady peace…  along with comes a very brutally cold war.  Westerly gives you a big barren wasteland world, that was exploited by the “The Company” for natural resources and then sometimes nuked from orbit when the worker class rebelled.  Lieth is the farmland world, filled with “indentured servant” farms and their own share of illegal farming going on.  Finally you have Arkyn that so far in the series we have not heard much about… other than the fact that something went really wrong there… and folks tend to call it a “dead world”.  I am only about halfway through the first season and I have to say I am loving it.  The first episode does not do a great job of really showcasing the feel of the show so I would say give it at least three before you decide if you like it or not.  As soon as I wrap this up I plan on returning to watching the show…  which is available through Hulu… but you have to connect to your cable provider to grant access to it…  and have to play it through a web browser.  Both of these things I find annoying but I am dealing with it.  What are some of your most recent favorite shows?

Daredevil is Awesome

Broadcast Television is Strange

For this mornings post I am going to diverge a bit from my normal gaming topics and talk about some television that I have been watching.  Now there are often times I say that I don’t watch much television, and this is both true and not true at the same time.  I have not regularly watched television on a schedule for years.  For the last few years there have been two shows that I actually tuned in on purpose to watch and that is The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.  That said I never “only” watch television.  I have gotten to a point where I have be fiddling with something else because the act of watching television feels too passive to me.  So Sunday nights it has become almost ritual for me to sit downstairs with my laptop straddling my lap as I watch these shows that all not so coincidentally occur on the same evening.

It just feels strange to me, to have television occur on a schedule.  Everything else in my life is on demand and waiting for me when I feel like consuming it.  This concept of letting someone else control the pace and timing for my actions just feels deeply foreign, so I greatly appreciate the new paradigms of Netflix and Amazon shows being released one entire season at a time.  I am hoping that broadcast networks follow suit at some point, or they simply die out from neglect.  I don’t think that I am at all alone in my television consumption habits.  It all started with the DVR and my ability to delay content to a time when it was convenient to me.  Now I just let entire seasons stack up before bothering to actually watch them.  In our household we get more use out of the “on demand” section of cable television than anything else.  Now my wife and I both have a default channel that we watch when we want the television on as background noise.  For me it is Cartoon Network, and for her it is HGTV…  but in both cases we no longer passively watch the television.

Daredevil Is Awesome

Daredevil-Netflix-Logo Over the last two weeks I have watched my way through the latest of the Netflix original series, and I have to say I am damned happy to have done so.  Daredevil was never really “the guy” for me, but for one of my friends growing up he was.  As a result I read more than my fair share of Daredevil comics, especially in part because of the constant cross over with the Punisher who absolutely was one of my favorites.  Daredevil and Punisher both always seemed to have this characteristic that the more spandex and super powers comics never had.  They were gritty and rough around the edges… and gave us a window into a darker side of the marvel universe.  Hells Kitchen was a horrible place, but at the same time there was a resilience there and a determination to keep moving forward.  The Netflix Daredevil series captures this spirit perfectly, in a simple unassuming way.  The character of Matt Murdock is portrayed perfectly in all of the nuance of the character.  Daredevil has always been this split character, part hero, part victim of his own fatalism…  and this is played out on the screen amazingly well.

MARVEL'S DAREDEVIL The real triumph is the fact that this is a show that does not idealize violence.  While Matt makes a difference, we get to see the high personal toll that is taken on his body.  He does not make it out of these fights unscathed like we normally see from a Batman movie, but instead has a constantly bloodied body to show at the end of the night.  What made Daredevil great was the constant sense that he was in over his head, but that he kept fighting the noble fight because no one else would.  The best performance in the show however has to come from Vincent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin.  He makes this character into someone you almost want to root for during the course of the show.  You are both sympathetic to the character and repulsed by it at the same time, which is a rare trait.  You want the Kingpin to win… if for no other reason than to set up the ultimate triumphant fight between he and the Daredevil.  I feel like this first season has created fertile ground for this show to grow and change, and ultimately serves as quite possibly the greatest comic book origin story I have seen in a long while.  The only sad part is that I want another thirteen episodes to watch, because this first batch was simply not enough.

Unbreakable Kimmy

Unbreakable-Kimmy-Schmidt The other show that I have been watching lately is also a Netflix original, this time by Tiny Fey of 30 Rock and SNL fame.  The premise of the show is that Kimmy Schmidt was captured when she was in 8th grade by the leader of a doomsday cult.  Now freed she is taking on the world with her middle school understanding of it.  Kimmy Schmidt the show feels very much like 30 Rock meets Sister Wives turned Doomsday cult, but for the most part it works.  The character of Kimmy is essentially the same character as Kenneth played by Jack McBrayer.  I have to assume that a lot of the writers from 30 Rock are now doing this show, because the comedic timing is almost exactly the same.  I’ve only made it five episodes into the show so far but at  this point the cast of characters seems to be set.  On the home front you have the crazy landlord played by the always amazing Carol Kane, and the gay failed actor roommate played by Tituss Burgess.  Both serve to balance and unbalance the character in various ways, and the interactions by Kane and Burgess are amazing… there is an almost loving parental thing going on.

As far as work goes Kimmy finds her way into the employ of Jane Krakowski’s character Jacqueline Vorhees, as assistant, nanny, life coach, best friend, and whatever else she needs.  The problem here is that Krakowski is essentially playing the same character as she did on 30 Rock, which makes me wonder if this show was originally designed as a spin off vehicle for the Kenneth character after the ending of that series?  You could seriously plug the characters in from 30 Rock and the show would still work, which I find bizarre.  Sure in this case Krakowski is a wealthy Manhattanite with no grasp on reality, instead of a falling Hollywood star with no grasp on reality…  but they feel exactly the same in practice.  There are definitely some laugh out loud moments but these all come from the fact that Kimmy is still for the most part stuck with an eighth graders understanding of the world.   All of this said, if you loved 30 Rock… and I did…  this will provide the same sort of awkward humor fix that you might be left craving.  I plan on watching the rest of the series, and I am hoping it gets picked up for another run.  I can’t necessarily give it the rave review that I gave Daredevil, but it is most definitely a fun show to watch.

Return to Minecraft

When it Rains…

The old euphemism “when it rains it pours” is fitting today because it is absolutely drenched outside… and additionally we have been dealing with all sorts of issues this week.  Over the weekend we had to deal with my wife’s vehicle and the tensioner going out in a rather dramatic way.  For those that don’t remember we were driving Sunday and the bolt essentially sheared causing pretty much every light on the dash to come on at once and us to barely make it home before the engine overheated to the point of no return.  Monday during the day we got that issue fixed and it was a rather simple mistake that lead to it.  I thought we were done with our auto troubles for the time being, but reality seemed to have other ideas.

Yesterday over lunch I ran to Target to pick up cat food and while I was out something to eat.  When I started up the jeep there was a very loud mechanical whirring noise that I didn’t recognize, but otherwise the vehicle seemed to perform fine so I tried my best not to think about it.  As I was heading back from lunch and entering the edge of downtown I noticed that the red battery light had come on.  At this point I am not really sure what to do… I’ve had a few alternators go out, and generally speaking that light combined with the whirring noise I heard earlier probably meant mine was dying.  I parked in the garage and went into the building calling the shop to see if they could work me in.  Sure enough they could, so I thought I would try and make my way there, hoping I did not get stranded along the side of the road.  I mean we have AAA so in theory there was never really the chance that I would truly get stranded…  but I crossed all my things in hope that I made it through successfully.

When I got out into the jeep I turned everything off that could possibly be drawing power.  So by the time I made it to the shop I had a rather sweaty windblown hairdo that I am sure was extremely attractive.  Thankfully the shop we use is around the corner from my house so I could drop the vehicle off and walk home.  Just about the time I walked in the front door my phone was ringing.  They had been able to assess the issues and said it was in fact the Alternator, that the bearings were bad and it would need to be replaced.  About three thirty they called back letting me know the vehicle was ready for pickup.  It is probably a bad thing that the girl behind the desk addressed me by name when I walked through the door.  That means we have been in there entirely too often lately.  Good news is that my Jeep appears to be fine now, and since both of our vehicles are paid off… I guess paying a car payment a piece worth of repairs is not too bad in the long run.

Return to Minecraft

javaw 2014-07-10 06-26-05-352 A few days ago Zeli mentioned that she would be setting up an Alliance of Awesome Minecraft server so that her child could have a safe place to play the game.  It is a whitelist based server, and since my Minecraft name is pretty easy to remember I asked her to go ahead and set me up.  Last night I finally got around to logging in and playing.  For some time House Stalwart has had a Minecraft server run by a member, and at this point we have conquered pretty much all of the land surrounding the spawn point for a few days worth of travel. While this huge sprawling city is awesome to behold, it doesn’t leave much room for you to go out and tame the wilds.  So I opted to start fresh on a brand new server, since really the “taming the wilderness” phase of a new server is the most enjoyable for me.

Zeli started us off with a stack of steaks, a steel pick and steel sword, which is a pretty good toolset to gain a foothold in the wilderness.  I however squandered this horribly.  Having been so long since I played on a server, I forgot about all of the controls like /sethome and wandered around at night for awhile and down into a cave managing to get myself killed… and as such losing all of the nifty baubles that I started with.  I really had no clue where I was in relation to the spawn point, so I pretty much set out to start fresh.  We have a village near the spawner, and I managed to find it… which means that we also have the village trackstar zombies at night spawning near us.  It took me a lot of deaths to finally get to a place where I had enough tools to defend myself.

I did not get terribly far, but right now I have the start of a mine dug into the side of a hill, with a bridge extending from it out into the water where I am slowly building a tower of sorts.  I figure the mine will feed my need for resources and the tower out in the middle of a pond will give me plenty of defense.  Just going to have to come up with a clever way to get in and out of said tower.  The area I am in for some reason has a couple of golems spawned near me, which do a fair job of keeping the baddies away at night.  I am guessing someone spawned the golems at the spawner and they just wandered off.  Additionally there are mass amounts of horses and cows where I am set up at, meaning I have eventual transportation and a ready source of meat and leather.  This time I did remember to type /sethome.  Right now I am very much in the “locking things down” phase, trying to create something that will protect me entirely during the nights.


farscape_characters While playing Minecraft last night I opted to hang out downstairs and watch Farscape.  This is one of my favorite television shows, but I have not actually made it all the way through the series.  I was at the very tail end of season three when Netflix lost the license to the show the first time.  For awhile I was having them ship me individual DVDs but that process got rather frustrating.  I could have of course gone out and found the episodes otherwise, but I got sidetracked.  At some point in the last few years they managed to get the licensing set up again and all of the episodes are now ready for streaming in all their glory.

The thing I love the most about this show is that it actually has some pretty diverse aliens that are both a member of the crew and ones that you encounter along the way.  The claim to fame of the show that it was done by the Jim Henson creature shop, and because of this the aliens that are brought to life by master puppeteers just have a realness to them that you cannot get with CGI.  Dominaar Rigel feels like a real character and not a small puppet, and because of this the show has held its production value, whereas most science fiction feels cheesy a few years after it is made as our graphical standards keep increasing.

At this point I have just finished season three and am ready to start the fourth and final season.  If minecraft continues to hold my interests, I will probably spend a few more nights watching Farscape and building away in the Alliance of Awesome server.  In fact I think that is what I did last time I watched Farscape…  build away on the House Stalwart server.  Minecraft and watching television seem to go hand in hand for me.  If you’ve never seen Farscape I highly suggest you check it out, as it has this whole Buck Rogers meets Star Wars feel to it.  I pretty much like all of the characters except for a late addition to the crew … Jool.  It is not that I mind her character, it is that I mind the sonic assault that is having her in any sort of action situation.  When she gets freaked out she emits this high pitched scream that drives me up a wall.