Under a bus

thrown under a bus Last week I had high hopes for things starting to settle down for me.  The last three days of the week were pretty hellacious, but I had managed to wrap up one project that was causing me a good deal of stress.  It seemed like I would be handling many of the issues that had stacked up while I was devoted to that project which all in all should have been a few low stress weeks.  However I was sorely mistaken.

Friday afternoon I got thrown under the bus, figuratively at least.  I work for a good sized municipality as a web developer.  The small team of web developers for the most part represents the tightest cluster of modern development skill-sets in the entire IT department, with the majority being what I would term as, “application babysitters”.  The result is that we often end up getting pulled in to things at the last minute, to serve as virtual ballast in an effort to keep the entire project from capsizing.

Friday I was steamrolled by one of these such projects.  Including a develop that seemed to be willing to do anything at all in his power to halt the progress of the project as a whole.  Due to other issues I had to leave midday, but when we last spoke I had a clear path outlined and agreed to work on a solution to act as a stop gap measure to keep the project on track.  Today I sat down to start working on the application only to find in a few short hours that everything had changed.

For this very moment, I appear to be out of the loop, so I am finally able to sit down and write a bit.  However everything is very much in a state of flux and could end up undoing itself at a moments notice.  Ultimately, I am tired of dealing with individuals who will do anything at all, to craft excuses as to why they can’t actually do their own work.  Without a doubt, I do fully understand why it is that postal workers…  go postal.  Dealing with governmental employees takes a whole kind of stomach that I have yet to full develop.

It’s Everywhere

It's a virus Part of my morning ritual involves stopping each morning at “Kum and Go”, a gas station chain in my area.  This serves as my morning caffeine destination, and gives me something to drink on for the rest of the day. Over the course of the year and some change we have been stopping there every morning, I have gotten to know almost all of the morning staff.  Even to the point of bringing the morning manager a small Christmas gift this past year.

One of these individuals who has warmed up to us over time is Tim.  Great guy, good sense of humor, and while he started out a little bit standoffish, he has warmed up and become rather personable.  At some point last week I was trying out the new WoW Mountain Dew flavors, and in checking me out I found out that he too plays WoW.  I am just constantly amazed and how widespread the game has become.  Now I just have to work my magic and get him to somehow transfer characters over to Argent Dawn.

More Guide on it’s way

Sorry, I was lazy this weekend The continuation of the groupcraft guide will be following shortly, but I wanted to get a quick note up to attempt to explain why I hadn’t been posting.  Depending on how long this break in the work storm lasts will determine how quickly I can get the next segments done.  In truth I should have worked on them this weekend, but after the insanity that was Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week I frankly needed a break from thinking. 

What better way to stop thinking than to grind away playing a horribly overpowered and mindless class…  aka the Deathknight.  I am going to pretty much have to eat all the nasty things I have said about the class as a whole.  While yes I am annoyed that so many players have abandoned much needed classes in order to migrate over to the unholy warriors…  I cannot at all deny how fun they are to play.  Friday I was level 66, and by Sunday evening I was level 71.  The time between seems to have somewhat disappeared on me.

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