Patch 1.11 and Related Notes

Today the event moved into a new step with the 1.11 patch.  With it came a number of tweaks and fixes.  It appears some of this dungeon issues we encountered were rolled in with this fix as well, so that is good to see.  The biggest thing that will be effecting most players is that the daily quests now will only be valid for rifts of your level range.  In truth, when this event rolled out there should have been some clarification in the first place that these dailies were complete able outside of freemarch since the quests you receive are level 15.

Righting Some Wrongs

In addition to a patch, whose notes will follow shortly, Trion appears to have stepped up to the plate and staked their claim in the “doing the right thing” column.  It appears that each of the players that each of the players that were effected by the account hack bug early on in the game received a free month of gameplay for the inconvenience of caused by the long customer service wait times.

I first heard about this last night in guild chat as several of our players that had gotten hacked during those first weeks of game play received their letter.  While each account was eventually “made whole” again, it did have several effects on them.  Our shaman for example, would have been able to purchase his level 50 mount but due to the hack had limp by just to survive those expert dungeon soul repairs.

In the past Blizzard had credited accounts, for missed playtime in a number of days or hours, but never before have I seen an entire mouth given out so freely.  This truly comes makes Trion stand in a class of its own.  If you would like to see the full statement of the text sent out to players, Rift Junkies has posted the notice, and rather than reposting here I will just send the traffic their way.

Full 1.11 Patch Notes

link to official patch notes here

* Increased the spawn rate of River of Souls Rifts, Invasions, and zonewide events.
* River of Souls daily quests now only credit players for actions appropriate to their level. Ex: Closing Rifts far below your character level will not earn credit toward the daily quest.
* Significantly increased the Otherworldly Sourcestone rewards for daily quests and added them as dropped items to event Rifts, Invasions, and Zone Events.
* The River of Souls event now has new exclusive Death-themed weapons! Unlock the secrets of the Shadetouched Weapon Cache quest to earn your own!
* We have added a number of new rewards to the River of Souls merchant, including new pets and accessories.
* Slightly reduced the prices of a number of the River of Souls merchant items.
* World Event Rift: Best Laid Plans: Addressed an issue that could cause the Endless Controllers to become un-killable.

* Fixed an issue where the Linkdead nameplate tag would not be removed after reconnecting.
* Updated the Coin Lock code emails to not use black text on a black background when CSS is filtered.
* Fixed a bug causing some characters to crash on login if they had the On the Hoof quest in a failed state.
* Server optimizations.

* The max duration of recorded videos has been increased to 10 minutes.
* Hitting CTRL+Y or clicking the upload icon while uploading a video will give you the option to cancel the upload.
* When upload is complete, a link to the video on YouTube will be shown in chat and can be clicked on to copy/paste.

* Players can now detect stealthed NPCs at a much greater distance.
* Reduced the range at which players can be detected while stealthed for both PvE and PvP.

* Exhilaration: Fixed a bug where this was not correctly returning mana.

* Incapacitate: Fixed a bug where mobs would aggro on players at the same time as the ability was used.

* Essence Surge: Fixed so it now works as described.

* Haunting Pain: This should now appear in ability lists and be usable again.

* Lost Hope, Dark Containment: Fixed a bug where mobs would aggro on players at the same time as these abilities were used.

* Path of the Wind, Path of the Raptor: Reduced cooldown to 4 seconds. For real this time.

* Flamespear: Reduced cooldown to 4 seconds. Also for real this time.

* Static Barrier and Static Discharge charges will no longer be consumed by self-damaging effects such as Sacrifice Life: Mana.

* Rift Shield: Fixed a bug where this ability would not absorb Life or Death damage.
* Triggering ‘Residual Absorption’ will no longer make the Void Knight immune to non-magical DoTs.

* Distraction auras will no longer cause PvP Guards to attack the Warlord.

* Thunder Snow: Someone set you up the bombs – they’ve all returned, and this quest can be completed.
* Thedeor’s Mercy: Those who follow Thedeor will no longer be forced to rob from the shrines if another player has already stocked them. However, Thedeor is now more punishing from those that do steal from his shrines!

* A Holy Remedy: Fixed an issue that caused a few of the Sickly Dwarves to be incurable.

* Cealhaidh will no longer be stuck in an invulnerable state.

* Foiled Plans: Fixed a rare issue where the Enthralled Stonemaw would fail to die during this quest.
* Players will no longer get stuck in geometry while traveling with the Mystical Voyager.

* Darkening Deeps: Expert: Glubmuk’s Poison Bolt now only targets players outside of melee range.
* Foul Cascade: Expert: Countess Surin Skenobar no longer deals inappropriately large amounts of damage with her Hail of Bullets.

* Adjusted how the Slimy Shamblers spawn Sticky Slime to address player reports of it failing to spawn in some cases.
* Fixed the Blinding Bomb bug where the effect was not appearing at its current location.
* Greenscale: Fixed an issue where Greenscale would not breathe until his target lost the breath debuff.
* Slightly reduced the snare on strangle plants.
* Patched up a couple of ways to exploit encounters in Greenscale’s Blight.

* Runecrafting recipes that previously used Essences as ingredients now use consumable items found through Rifts instead.
* Removed a fast-respawning Iron ore node from Scarwood Reach.

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