NBI 2013 Over Already?

A Month Already?


I can’t believe the month of October is all but over now… and with it draws close the second running of the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  This time around I have done a fairly horrible job of keeping up with the initiative as a sponsor.  I believe I did only two posts this year, but more than anything I just really did not feel like I had much advice to offer.  Even though I am blogging every single morning, I don’t necessarily feel like I have figured anything out.  The key seems to be to just write something…. regardless of how good you think it may or may not be.

As the month went on we had more and more participation.  At last count there were twenty six new blogs that signed up on the forums.  Hopefully they figured out that illusive secret to sustainability.  It took me several years to end up at the pattern that works for me, so hopefully it will take them significantly less time.  I am cheating this morning and going to close the month with a rundown of the various blogs that make up the Class of 2013.

Class of 2013 Revisited

So check them out, add them to your RSS feed and watch them grow over the coming year.  Here is hoping that they all found fertile enough soil to stick around and flourish.  The only really solid advice I can give is to just keep blogging.  It doesn’t matter what you are writing about, just keep writing about something.

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