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Scrounging for Copper

Landmark64 2014-06-03 19-20-49-284 The above picture pretty much accurately represents the last several times I have played Landmark.  Generally speaking it is on a Tuesday evening when I realize that my claim upkeep will be running out shortly.  So I log in and make a mad dash around the area surrounding my claim to scrounge up enough copper to pay the upkeep for another week.  Generally speaking I only spend just enough time in game to gather the 4800 copper I believe that is required to unlock another 8 days of upkeep.  It really wasn’t until last night that this process started to grate on my nerves, and I began to question what exactly I am trying to protect.  In theory I could get my claim repossessed and be free of this burden…  but as of yet I have not wanted to give up my “prime real estate” next to the spires.

Landmark64 2014-06-04 06-14-48-975 I guess the thing is I haven’t been super into the game since the end of Alpha and the wipe that lead into Closed Beta.  My previous claim I was extremely happy with, this one I am not sure quite what to do with it.  It is this hulking monstrosity that I have zero desire to decorate further.  I have reached a point where Landmark just isn’t that fun for me right now, or more so there just isn’t enough “game” there yet.  What they have is this great rules driven building game, but after a point building stuff becomes stale.  I look at all the harvest time I would have to sink in to be able to build the things that I would want to build… and I simply am unwilling to devote the time.  I feel like maybe once combat goes in, that the game might be more tangible for me, that it might feel like there is a purpose to what I am doing.  It was amazing just how strong of an incentive “protecting against monster attacks” was to spur on my building sprees in Minecraft.  For the time being however I am seriously considering harvesting up all of the stone and other resources used on my claim and just letting it get repossessed this week.  That way I could mark one game off my list until it becomes interesting again.

No More Loot Boxes

rift 2014-05-08 06-09-17-50 Another decision I have made is to drop my Rift patron status.  I’ve subscribed to this game for pretty much all of the time it has been out on the market save for about three months.  There is so much that I still like about Rift, but at the same time I just have no drive to play it.  I have a ritual of logging in every Wednesday to collect the weekly patron gift, opening it… seeing if I get any cool armor and then logging right back out.  Since I have geared both my Warrior and my Rogue in this fashion… and I have faltered at leveling my Cleric, I just can’t justify keeping up the patron status for a game I really have not played much at all in the last year.  I have 90 days left of patron status, so I might in that time change my mind, but presently I just don’t have enough people to play the game with to make it worth my while.

One of the things that worked out differently than I had hoped with Patron status is the way that loyalty and cash shop currency accrued.  That first year when I picked up a year long subscription, I had a massive amount of loyalty and a ton of cash shop currency to blow through as part of the free to play conversion.  I made the mistake of assuming that the same thing would happen when I picked up this past years patron status.  One of the things I expect out of a free to play “subscription” plan is a month allotment of cash shop currency.  Since this isn’t a thing in Rift, I really don’t see much benefit in keeping up the Patron status.  Additionally I expected another huge boost to my loyalty level from subbing for another year, and that didn’t happen either.  For the time being I will simply play the game like a free to play player does until they give me reason to subscribe again.

Uniblade Get

WildStar64 2014-06-03 22-27-28-614 The last several days in Wildstar have been about one thing and one thing only…  trying to get to level 15 and trying to accumulate enough currency to buy a mount when I ding.  As a result I have completely ignored the crafting system and sold everything I could possibly sell in an attempt to buy my precious mount.  Was it worth the effort?  Well the jury is still out on that one, but I do like the looks of my Uniblade.  I figured this was the obvious choice for a Chua Engineer, especially since the “Hamster Ball” mount just did not feel dignified.  Right now the mount feels a little lackluster since it is only a 15% boost.  However it is cool that you can still sprint on a mount and that feels awesome as your engine revs up and such when you do it.  The physics of the Uniblade are a little weird, and I have to say I would have honestly rather had the Exiles Grinder mount instead… but all in all I am happy.  One bug I encountered is that apparently in order to buy the mount you have to have enough currency to cover the undiscounted price.  This means instead of the 1 gold 15 silver price listed you actually have to have something like 1 gold 65 silver to be able to cover the full price…  even though it will still only charge you the 1 gold 15 silver.

WildStar64 2014-06-03 22-49-08-220 Now that I have obtained my goal, I am going to be far more interested in random grouping.  I kind of wanted to meet up with people last night and group, but I was so focused on grinding out my level and trying to get as many saleable items as possible.  This meant doing much lower content than I should have been doing, since it rewards less experience but I was more likely to accumulate a lot of saleable items in the process.  One of the interesting things about Wildstar is that unlike World of Warcraft, you only seem to gain guild experience while grouped with other guildies.  This means that in order to unlock all of the perks like the guild bank, we are going to have to group together and go do content.  Now that I have level 15 I am really looking forward to trying the first dungeon… and I am imagining that it rewards a ton of guild experience.  My next goal is to find a decent weapon, as I am still using some random drop green.  My hope is that whatever dungeon quests exist I will maybe get a blue weapon from them.  I also need to do some research into which tanking abilities I need to do a dungeon.

Wildstar Groupage

Since we are taking the night off from Elder Scrolls Online my goal tonight is to get some Wildstar grouping going.  The goal is to resume the Cyrodil nights next Wednesday, and I hope to play quite a bit over the weekend as well.  I still want to see so much in Elder Scrolls, but face it… this is launch week for a new game, and for the most part folks are going to be playing it.  Tonight I want to focus on getting a group going with some Alliance of Awesome guildies and trying to gain lots of guild currency.  Zero clue what we will actually be doing, but here is hoping we can find another world boss like we did the other night.  If we have enough people it would be awesome to pop our heads into a dungeon.

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  1. RE: Landmark. You don’t have to do anything to get your resources back. When your claim expires everything will get templated and all resources returned to your inventory. If/When you get the urge to play again you can just plunk everything back down on a new claim. [Disclaimer: I haven’t tried the ‘plunk everything back down’ part.]

    I’m still fascinated by Landmark. It’s crazy all the weird build techniques people have been discovering. I enjoy it more by watching Angela play than by actually DOING it though. I find I run out of patience pretty quickly when things get super fiddly.

    Can’t wait for Caves though.
    Pete S recently posted..Here I am again, Wildstar Level 10My Profile

    • @Pete awesome I had wondered about that, thought maybe I better just suck up my resources just to make sure. But if I get them back either way, more the better. I guess right now I want caves but more than that I want caves populated with bad things to kill. I need combat to make it enjoyable for me. That is what has sustained my interest every few weeks in Trove, because the combat is enjoyable.v I still love the concept of Landmark, and I have zero interest in a refund… I just want to wait to play it until there is more of a game there, and less of a toybox.

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