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We are now at the halfway point of Blaugust, and I thought it would be cool today to take note of who has achieved their “Survivor” rank or not.  As a refresher I have changed the requirements slightly from last year, and you can find the entire rules post here.  Last year a significant portion of the contest was about not missing a single day, and quite honestly there were a bunch of people who got their 31 posts in… but had not done them contiguously so it felt dishonest to rule them out just because they missed a day.  Instead this year I am judging the contest based on number of posts, which allows people to play catch up if they need to.  At this point we are technically on day 16, and I had said I was going to classify anyone as a survivor who had managed to make 15 posts during the month.  There are a lot of folks on this list, and a lot more than are only one or two posts off from it.  That said I thought it would be awesome to celebrate those who have already reached the halfway point.

I am going to pick on SoulTamer a bit because she made this tweet yesterday.  When I see something like this is makes me exceptionally happy inside.  Blaugust is a strange ordeal, for some people it gives them strength and they reach the other side a more prolific blogger.  For others it defeats them and they go for month or more long lapses afterwards.  It was for that second group that I considered not actually doing it this year.  I didn’t want to be the cause of anyone dropping off the radar in our game blogging community.  However there were enough people constantly asking me if I was going to do it that I reluctantly said yes.  I am happy that I have and I am immensely proud of the progress everyone has been making towards the final goal.  Another note… just because your name does not currently appear on this list does not mean all is lost.  You can still reach 15 posts and you can still reach 31 for the month, and I think this is the aspect of the 2015 running that I like the most.  Instead of demoralizing someone for missing a day, there is always hope that you can catch up and cross the finish line as well.  So I challenge all of you folks who are not on the list to get there!

AggroChat 70 – Calibrating “Main Gun”


This week we are joined by Ashgar, Belghast, Grace, Tam and Thalen, with Kodra having to deal with some family stuff.  I was not certain how much we would have to talk about, but like always we managed to fill a show full of all sorts of games that we had been playing.  Thalen starts it off talking about his further adventures into the Magic Duels free to play game.  Similarly with the launch of Fallout Shelter for android he has started playing that as well.  Finally he talks about the recent Fantastic Four event in Marvel Heroes and how The Thing is the tankiest of tanks.  Tam spent the day at an Infinity Tournament and talks about just how awesome the Seattle minature gaming scene has been.

Grace talks about her recent swap to spending most of her time in Wildstar and the excitement surrounding the impending free to play drop that is now on the public test server.  Additionally she talks about her recent foray into the PVP system, and how generally cool the community seems to be surrounding it.  While board games are normally the territory of Kodra, Grace mentions the Exploding Kittens card game and how much fun she has had with it since receiving it.  Ashgar has followed in Tam’s footsteps and talks about his experiences playing Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment.  Ash has also started on a brand new playthrough of Mass Effect with the intent of carrying one save game from one all the way through three.  This of course spawns a conversation where we talk about our experiences with the Mass Effect series.

Finally I talk about my recent return to Rift, and my obsessions with Hellgate London.  Additionally we talk about next weeks show, where we plan on talking about the storyline of the Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward expansion.  We have purposefully kept discussion of plot points to a minimum, but we feel it is generally safe enough to start talking about where we think the game is going.  We are announcing this ahead of time for the purpose of letting our listeners and readers join in the fun.  Do you have any interesting theories or are there parts of the story that you didn’t quite grasp?  We are taking in questions via email for this coming show, and we will go over them on the air.  I should be a lot of fun and it is our first real attempt to do something like this.

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