Someday Arrived


Yesterday was somewhat of an insane day, for so many different reasons.  Firstly we had to get up and around rapidly because we had a 10 am wedding to attend, and all the while every bit of technology of my website seemed to be rebelling against me.  I struggled to upload any images because apparently their were going through a FTP attack that was busying things out.  I managed to limp by and get a post up in spite of the problems.  The wedding itself was located out in the middle of nowhere, but that in itself is not what makes it an interesting occasion.  One of my wife’s friends met a man from Australia through their social channels, and over the last few years they have been travelling to the two countries to meet family and such.  Finally getting married here in America where they intend to live.  What is just so flabbergasting about this whole thing… is just how many members of his family attended.  I lost count but there were somewhere between sixteen and twenty folks from Australia at the wedding… and all I could think about was just how expensive those plane tickets must have been.  Just doing some quick googling it looks like roughly $1300 per flight… which means… well for lack of a better phase this family really loves him.

The wedding was charming, and the bride was beautiful and all that…  however the focus of at least my entertainment was this adorable free range kid.  Her mom and dad were family of the groom that were acting as photographers for the event.  I am guessing that the kid wanted to emulate mom and dad so they gave her a small digital camera…  which she then proceeded to go around and take photos of everyone.  It was adorable to see her walk up beside my pew, pause for a second and snap a photo before moving on… all without saying a word.  She obviously was not having any of the service and wanted to roam around while the wedding was actually going on.  I’ve always disliked weddings, I think mostly because for a period of time in my past I worked them with my father.  My dad was a portrait and wedding photographer on the side… and I was his assistant and ended up operating the long angle photos set up in a balcony or whatever was available.  It is always awkward attending weddings where you don’t really know anyone… and yesterday was absolutely one of those situations.  I ended up getting a very strange hug from the grandmother of the bride, thanking us for attending.  Thankfully it was over in about an hours time, and we ducked out shortly after the reception started.

So Much Sore


If the yearly bullshit ritual of daylight savings time were not today… I am sore in places I don’t even remember working yesterday.  A few months ago we set the goal of tackling our garage over spring break, and to facilitate this we got a dumpster.  You have to understand… we don’t use our garage and it has largely been a catch all over the last several years.  Anytime we simply wanted something out of our sight… we threw it in the garage thinking “someday” we would take it to the dump, or donate it to goodwill or whatever.  Apparently that someday is finally here and on Thursday night when we started…  the overwhelming nature of the amount of crap out there was real.  I somewhat wish I had taken a before picture but the above image is after a few nights and a half day worth of cleaning.  Yesterday was the day we got the bulk of the big things out of there… either into the dumpster or in the two trips I made to Goodwill.  About five years ago we had this strange summer when the spider population quadrupled… and apparently their base of operations was our garage.  This made it even less appealing to go out there and try and reclaim the space because quite literally you were likely to walk into bits of cobweb spun from wall to wall.  We however tried our best to ignore the eight legged infestation that was everywhere… and pushed forward only lamenting later the number of bites we are certain to have gotten… and the constant unshakable feeling that something is crawling on us.


The first photo may not look that impressive, but imagine every single corner of that place packed so that you could not move anywhere without crawling over something first.  We had two benches, a dresser, a ferret cage, a hamster cage, and a truly silly number of electronics boxes that I felt for some reason I needed to keep in case something went wrong.  On top of that we still had the remnants of the last time we attempted to clean the garage with several boxes, that were neatly sorted and full of obviously important things to us at one point.  Then there were the number of things that were inexplicably in the garage and brand new still in package…  like an Iced Tea pot, Smoothie Blender, and a tower fan…  all neither of us remember having but were probably given to us at one point or another.  It had quite literally been a decade since we last actively used our garage and it was like delving into a time capsule.  As I said the brute force stuff is mostly taken care of, and at one point we had to make a trip to Big Lots to go purchase the cheapest vacuum we could find… because we decided we would rather not have the good house vacuum full of spiders and for some strange reason dead earthworms.  Today we can at least sit down with boxes of stuff and try and sort things out.  I think the first mission however is to look at some shelving for one of the walls so that we can neatly stow things out of the way rather than just have boxes laying around everywhere.  Needless to say…. Yesterday and Today will both be gaming lite days.


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