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Elevator to Top

Wow-64 2016-08-15 06-28-24-85

This weekend was a weekend for many things, not the least of which was some interstellar exploration in No Man’s Sky.  However an even larger portion of the weekend was spent with the Legion invasion event in World of Warcraft.  I am not exactly sure why Warcraft is so sticky for me right now… but whatever the case it absolutely is.  I am probably having more fun playing this game than I have since long before Cataclysm… and potentially even before the launch of Wrath.  I am actually looking forward to coming home and playing, and this event is a large part of that.  At face value the event is an easy way to get characters decked out in item level 700 gear, and additionally a source of a new pet.  However the way this invasion works makes it so much more enjoyable for me than the previous ones.  I’ve already talked about this in previous posts but two zones open up around the world and every four hours these swap.  The only somewhat negative part of this is that I have apparently swapped logging into all of my characters to fiddle with the garrison, to logging in all of my characters to try and get both invasions in before the zone timer runs own.  There however was an eventual end to this madness and that was collecting a full set of gear on every character.  Friday however the game was patched and it all changed.


Now in addition to getting two chests worth of gear…  you also get a significant experience boost every time a phase completes.  In the high 90s each zone invasion is worth roughly half of a level, so each set of two invasions is a little more than a full level of experience.  As a result I have been using and abusing this event to level up those characters that I was never likely going to level on my own.  In this case that is my Priest and my Mage, both classes I have not had a whole lot of interest in playing, but would still like to add to my stable of 100s.  When I started this process my priest had seen enough leveling in Draenor to unlock the Garrison, and then from that point onwards was nothing more than a profession character.  I managed to get to level 92 through doing the various XP missions that came available as part of the daily Garrison queue.  Over the course of the event it took 14 full events to go from 92 to 100, and I literally dinged moments before sitting down to write this post.  Now as I ran this event I held onto every chest, apart from one I opened just to see if my theory was going to be correct.


The chest loot is assigned at the moment you open it.  That means by holding my chests I was able to open them as soon as I dinged 100 and get a fast infusion of item level 700 gear.  In the bags I had 3 weapons, 5 chests, 3 boots, 4 gloves, 4 helms, 2 pants, 2 shoulders, 1 belt, and 4 bracers… as well as two of the weapon infusion items and 657 Nethershards.  So I was able to level up without worrying about my gear at all… and then go to instant reasonable levels upon dinging.  I am absolutely going to use this elevator for as far as I can take it to push up some of the character that I never really got around to leveling.  Once I finish off the Mage I am probably going to try and see where I can get with my sub level 60 monk, and at least push it levels out of the old world.  If you have some of those characters that are sitting in the 90s that you never really got around to leveling in Draenor I highly suggest you take advantage of this.  If nothing else this has been an amazing way to pull up those gear levels for the various characters that I leveled to 100 but never really raided much on.

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  1. I’m absolutely using this leveling route as well on my Shaman and DK that I want to get to 100. My Shaman is sitting at 95 right now and the DK is 83. We’ll see how far I can get him in my limited amount of playtime.

    I don’t know why this event is sticking with me either. It’s simple and repetitive, but it’s fun for some reason. I’m excited to see what else is planned before Legion launch.

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