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This morning is one of those days.  I just literally got out of the bathroom where I held my hands under the tap to wash them… and then could not figure out why the tap was not turning on automatically.  Moments later I realized I was in fact at home… and that we don’t have the same sort of magical faucets that the rest of the world does.  This week has been a bit of a challenge because I am just straight up exhausted all of the time.  No amount of caffeine seems to be able to break me out of whatever haze I seem to be in.  It does not help that it has been cold and rainy…  in May.  By this time last year we already had the pool open and I had a yard full of flowers.  This year however it just hasn’t been warm enough for either, and the yard is so water logged that before long I will have a grand primal swamp.  My evenings have been spent watching various things on Netflix and working my way through the Agent storyline in Star Wars the Old Republic.

In a way I am glad that I left this storyline for the last, because it seems to be making a bunch of callbacks to the other stories that I never would have gotten had I not already played the other seven classes.  There are constantly folks being mentioned…. and I am like “I know that person” or in some cases “I killed that person in another life”.  For years I have thought that the Jedi Knight main story arc ultimately was the most “canon” of them all…  but in truth I feel like maybe Imperial Agent is also deeply canon because it shows the underside of the world and all of the pieces shifting slowly into place.  While Jedi Knight is the “big damned hero” tale, Agent seems to be the “truth” that happened while the hero tale was playing out.  The story behind the story is always interesting, and I continue to be intrigued at just how much I am getting into this.  I think it is a testament to just how good the game really is that it can plop me down in a role I would never actually play…. and make me love it.  I also deeply dig Kaliyo and my dark side murdery nature seems to play well to her brand of violent sarcasm.


However after all of this skulking about and subterfuge… I am really looking forward to switching back to my Jedi Knight main and continuing through the rest of the story that I never got around to playing the last time.  When we played December 2015, I got caught up in the 12 times story bonus that allowed me to play through all of the classic stories without having to worry about any additional questing.  Once I finish the Agent that particular mission is complete, and it will allow me to pick back up where I left off… which is the beginning of the Shadow of Revan content.  I really want to see how that storyline goes, and I also want to see how exactly the transition to being “The Outlander” happens as well.  I love the original game, and in part I am wanting to see just how the game changes once it shifts to the Fallen Empire model.  I mean I realize I have plenty of boosts available and could just catapult a character to near maximum level.  However most of my enjoyment in SWTOR comes from actually playing through the content, much like the same is true with Elder Scrolls Online.  So while it feels like both games are taking forever…  I don’t really want to rob myself of the experience.


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  1. I did Agent up to level 40 in the beta, and loved it. I always struggle with playing “bad” characters (when I play games I don’t roleplay the character I am in game, I super-impose my real self into the role. This makes games I play, from my perspective, much more personal and engaging to me. It also means I don’t break away from my comfort level, however). I do recall that my justification, keeping my family safe by serving the empire, still gave me enough wiggle room on choices for the Agent that I could stick to that.

    I also just finished the Jedi Knight storyline and then was pulled away by ME:A, so may be making a return. I haven’t even done the Makeb line yet, so lots to return to. I do have an interest in the other class stories as well.

    When I was struggling with sleep I tried an app called ‘Headspace’ which is guided meditation – right before I went to bed. The first 10 ‘steps’ are free, and they take 10 minutes each. I found it very valuable to help me clear my mind before crawling into bed and it really helped me get the sleep I needed. I only finished 7 of 10, it helped me get through a really brutal week and I am planning on going back if I ever get back into that bad space.

    Also, install those faucets in your house. Just to mess with yourself! =)
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