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So yesterday was the big reveal of Destiny 2 gameplay and I have to say I am not disappointed in the least.  In fact at this very moment I am feeling inordinate amounts of Destiny love.  There were a few things that were released that gave me all the feels.  The first is the “Story of Zavala” trailer of sorts that tells the tale of how he came from being a corpse somewhere in the cosmodrome to being the leader of the Vanguard.  Unfortunately I have not seen this trailer released separately so you have to catch it about 14 mins into the video that I linked… which is the entire Destiny 2 reveal stream dumped to YouTube.  In that trailer you see a young Amanda Holliday getting her first look at a starship, so that in itself was completely priceless.  The second cavalcade of feels comes from the gameplay reveal trailer…  which appears to be cut from what is going to be one of the intro cinematics showing how the tower falls.  There is a moment in the trailer for each class where they get to shine…  and I absolutely got all the feels when I saw Zavala call everyone to him and raise a Titan bubble.  There are similar badass moments where Ikora Rey Nova Bombs a Cabal transport, and Cayde-6 Golden Gun’s three Cabal troopers.


Destiny 2 is a tale of starting over after a monumental fall from grace, which in itself is probably the best way of dealing with a power reset scenario.  Having spent the last week playing through the Fallen Empire storyline in Star Wars the Old Republic… I absolute approve of the notion that sometimes you need to shuffle the deck to freshen up the game.  What I like the most about what I saw though is that everything looked and felt like it was still Destiny…  just with the Destiny-ness sliders moved all the way to eleven.  They reveal that we are going to four new places…  but in part I am hoping that given time we will also revisit areas that we have been to before.  The maps themselves are supposedly more open world style, or at least the one that was showed reminded me of something on the scale of the Hinterlands from Dragon Age: Inquisition with lots of active hotspots to go explore and find adventures.  This is definitely playing to my core desires as a player, but I am also hoping that it still has directed story missions for the folks like Tamrielo who tend to bounce super hard from “now go explore” setups in games.


It sounds like all of the things that made Destiny awesome are coming back, but that they are adding a whole layer of new stuff on top.  To be truthful if you look at my characters stats… I have spent a significant number more hours doing patrol missions than literally anything else in the game.  Just as a reference according to my Profile on… on my Titan I have played a grand total of 14 days 15 hours… and of that time 7 days 4 hours was in Patrol mode.  So giving me a big open world to roam in is absolutely going to serve my interests.  However it sounds like the strikes and raids and crucible modes are all coming back with a vengeance with brand new concepts being introduced.  It also seems like some of the specs are being tweaked… and I am not sure if each class is getting a wholly new sub class or if we are just losing one and gaining one.  Titans for example I know have a Void class that revolves around wielding a shield like Captain America.  Warlocks have a new sub class that gives them flaming angel wings and lets them wield a giant flaming sword.  So I am not sure if those are in additional to the subs we already have… or if those are now replacing the Defender Titan and Sunsinger Warlock.  I mean I am hoping we get something new… but Defender was absolutely one of those sub classes that was super niche and extremely hard to complete “kill with elemental abilities” sort of bounties.


The biggest news from yesterday is that the PC client would be going through…  which is curiously being referred to as and not the Blizzard Launcher.  I said before that I would likely never stop calling it, and I am guessing maybe they have rethought that branding decision…  now that a non-Blizzard game is going to be using that infrastructure.  This decision has a lot of positives and as far as I am concerned fairly few negatives.  I’ve spent over a decade now cultivating a community inside of the Blizzard franchise games, and knowing that I can carry that ready made community into Destiny is going to be a huge bonus for me.  What Bungie is getting from PSN and XBL is an account system that takes care of all of the day to day friend maintenance and messaging functionality and lets them just connect up a game to it.  I mean the option  that we all probably through they would be taking was to integrate this game with Steam completely, and rely on steam users for profiles.  However to be honest, Blizzard does a far better job of policing its own network than Steam does, because quite frankly it is not in the interest of Valve to clamp down too harshly.  The only negative here about any of this is that it sounds like the PC client will not be available on day one… and will instead be a console launch only.  Ultimately I was going to buy  this on PS4 and PC anyways… so this is not a huge deal for me…  however it is going to suck for anyone who wants to hold out for the PC.

My dream that is likely to go unrealized is that I could have a single set of character spread across all of the platforms.  I am perfectly okay with purchasing a PC client, PS4 client, and Xbox One client…  and not necessarily being able to cross play between them.  However I would love if my characters which are attached to my Bungie account carried over and worked on each platform.  Let me play with my PC friends, PS4 friends and Xbox friends with the characters I have spent so much time building.  I mean I managed to get my Xbox One character up to 370 light…  but that feels pittiful compared to my stable of three 400 light characters on the PS4 side, each with access to a vault full of awesome stuff.  Compared to the 14 days on PSN… I have only played 21 hours of the Xbox One gameplay because not having all of my toys was always a major set back.  Since the characters are bound to the Bungie account… they could absolutely make this thing happen.  They just need the will to do so.  So I have hopes and dreams… but I am fully expecting them to get dashed in the long run.  At this point however I am just riding the hype train and so freaking ready for this game to come out.

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  1. @Pete S

    I read that – i also read that less than half of all Destiny players got to see a raid. I think WoW does a good job of this with LFR and I think Destiny would be better for it if they followed that lead.

    I stopped playing Destiny a while ago and picked it up this Canadian long weekend again and catapulted from 320ish light to over 380.

    It is an amazing PVE shooter and I wish there were more like it. But that story…

    Biggest redemption they could do with D2 is the story fix. Will be neat to see.
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  2. @Isey — The “Guided Games” system seems to be their matchmaking. Rather than group 6 random players into a Raid, what they’re doing is letting a partial clan group open themselves up for solo players.

    In other words, say Bel’s clan wants to do a raid but they’ve only got 5 people on. They can flag themselves as looking for more. Then here’s me, dedicated solo player who needs to do a raid. I can use the Guided Games system to look for Clans who need an extra body. In theory I can browse through these open groups and read the Clan’s summary to see if they sound like my kind of people and if so, join in.

    I guess the theory is that a group of 4-5 players who know each other, with the addition of 1 or 2 randoms, will be a more cohesive team than 6 randoms thrown together. Whether it’ll work or not… we’ll see. But they said this was their attempt at avoiding the toxicity you find in PUG groups in some games.
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  3. I am disappointed that there is no LFG for Raids. With Blizzard in the group I would think they would realize the value of helping casual players see content – especially because so much of the game is PVE centered. For me the that was the most important thing (outside of the story) they could fix.
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    • They mentioned something along those lines but I didn’t fully understand it. During the presentation there was something about group finding tools.

  4. “…but I am also hoping that it still has directed story missions for the folks like Tamrielo who tend to bounce super hard from “now go explore” setups in games.”

    My take-away was that the campaign would be richer and more in-depth than the one(s) from the first game, with cut-scenes and NPCs to interact with, so I think you and Tamrielo will be happy there.

    I had a night to kill last night (finished Dishonored Wednesday and want to sink into Marvel Heroes Omega open beta tonight, so Thursday was open) so of course fired up Destiny. I’m leveling a Titan but he’s kind of stuck at 290 light! I want to do the Plaguelands but 290 is the minimum recommended light level by the time you get to the 2nd mission and my skills are crap so was hoping to get him a little stronger. Any suggestions? I’m actually doing the Taken King campaign on him now. All my drops have been in the 280-285 range. Should I suck it up and do normal strikes? Most of the group stuff says “You need better gear.”
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    • So what I did on Xbone was to save up my strange coins and buy a decent weapon from Xur all of which start at 350. I then took that weapon and used to to carry me through the Rise of Iron story. This week Xur is selling Bad Juju for 23 strange coins which is an excellent full auto pulse rifle, that increases your super generation and causes the gun to reload on kills. Xur is also selling gun and ornament combos for Red Death and MIDA Multitool for 30 strange coins and 25 cash shop dust. The entire story is doable at 290 but it is going to be a pain in the butt. You have a few options… because what you really need access to is the Plaguelands Patrol missions. However this does not unlock until you have finished the Rise of Iron story. So you could in theory have someone help you finish those missions to unlock it. Otherwise I would suggest running the level 36 strikes which should provide you a reasonable amount of upgrades in the form of engrams. You are in this awkward hole that happens if you didn’t really play much Taken King, or at least not enough to get into the 300s. Like I closed out Taken King at the 335 light cap, so ROI was super easy for me on PS4. However with a brand new character on Xbox One it was a pain in the butt getting that character through Rise of Iron. If you prefer solo content you can in theory just re-run some story missions and will get the same basic benefit as doing older strikes, since what you are looking for is just an easy source of engrams to get your light levels up with. Once you get access to the Plaguelands however… the Archon’s Forge is your best place to get levels up for a long time since that place is a loot bonanza.

      • Thanks for the advice! I just gotta get over this hump then I have your “Solo to 400” post to guide me. Maybe I have enough strange coins to buy Bad Juju. I have a scout rifle now that is, iirc, 300 light. Nothing special, blue weapon. So investing in a good weapon could be just what I need.

        Every time I go back to Destiny after a break I am delighted to be reminded of how good the minute-to-minute gunplay feels. I’m not sure any other shooter feels this good to me… 🙂
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        • So another thing to keep in mind, you are still guaranteed a legendary engram for your first event of the day. I would suggest you make sure you are doing at least one event a day, you can get timers here. Sadly people are not doing the dreadnought like they used to, but the Court of Oryx is also a decent source of light levels. If we can catch each other online at the same time I am more than happy to pop over there and run some court because I have tokens a plenty.

          • I had no idea about this. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out! I’m really looking forward to Destiny 2 baking these timers into the map.

            I’m currently playing on PS4. I do own it on XB1 as well. I do have a 324 Light Hunter on the PS4 but I’m just really feeling the titan right now.

            It’s weird, knowing Destiny 2 is coming makes Destiny 1 feel less stressful. Like I’m not worry I’ll screw up my character because I know everything resets in a few months anyway. 🙂
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