Slow Day


This morning I am struggling a bit to find something worth writing about.  Last night instead of throwing myself against Trial 3 in FFXIV, I opted to play some more Necromancer in Diablo 3.  Necromancer the class is extremely good, and probably what I will be playing during the next season which should be starting sometime in mid July.  The biggest problem I am running into with Diablo is that I am going to start needing to do the seasonal reboot of characters thing, given that my slots are starting to run out.  As of last night around 11 pm I got Necromancer to 70, but literally dinged…  watched the cutscenes and went to bed.  That leaves the only classes in D3 that I have never taken to 70 being the Wizard and Witch Doctor…. something I probably need to remedy at some point.  I think my little break from Final Fantasy XIV did some good, because right now I am ready to get in…. and bash my face against the trial until I get through it.  More than anything I want to get to the other side of that trial because it is currently locking me from doing a bunch of end game content.  I’ve hear that my friend Morenhai has already defeated one of the extreme primal fights, which only serves to make me feel way further behind.  I will say thought that hanging out and milling around in Diablo 3 was just about the maximum amount of social interaction that I was capable of supporting the last few days.  I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch, and I probably need to hang out again with people to push through it.


I really do not have a whole lot to talk about this morning other than the fact that I am going to make more attempts on Trial 3 tonight, and here is hoping I don’t end up needing another break from Stormblood as a result.


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