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Destiny 2 Heroic Event Triggers

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Yesterday Pete asked if I could do a post about the various heroic event triggers, and this morning I am going to attempt to do just that.  Last night I was able to get a few reasonable screenshots of the objectives for several of the events.  Others I have simply looked up and will attempt to explain because I don’t have good imagery for them.  At this point though I now feel relatively comfortable in my knowledge of how to launch any of the events into heroic mode.  I am posting a picture of my own character at the start of this post largely because I am happy that for once I have most of a matched set of gear.

Glimmer Extraction – Fallen Event

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This is more than likely the very first event you ever complete in Destiny 2 because it spawns right out in front of the church.  Essentially a Ketch will drop off a Glimmer Harvesting team and you have to take out the extraction teams.  Each team will consist of 3 mobs followed by a mini boss type mob.  Then the ketch will drop another ship in a new location.  There will be three different locations that the Fallen attempt to harvest and if you take down all of them you defeat the event.  In the Heroic mode however things change.  In the above screenshot you can see a little engine looking thing with a stream of glimmer going into it.  There will be one of these at each location the Fallen attempt to harvest, and to trigger heroic you need to destroy them before you have defeated a given waves miniboss.  From there the goal changes to guarding a pile of glimmer until your folks can transmat it out.  Someone has to be standing on the pile at all times to make sure the bar is progressing.

Weapons Exchange – Fallen

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This event is pretty straight forward.  In Destiny 1 we learned the ins and outs of fighting Fallen Walkers…  hit the armor plating on their legs until one section falls of and then the carapace covering the control module slides open and you can pour damage into the unit.  In this event there are 3 energy fields protecting a total of six scorch cannons.  Each time you bust open the carapace on the Walker, a number of arc orbs will spawn at its feet.  In order to trigger the heroic phase, you need to take those orbs and carry them to the receptacles that look like the object in the screenshot above.  It will take two orbs per shield, and once you have dropped all three shields…  a second walker gets dropped on your location.  The goal is to have the first walker almost dead when you drop the shields so that you can grab a scorch cannon and finished both off extremely quickly.

Ether Resupply – Fallen

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This event is another one that is pretty straight forward…  kill the giant Servitor.  During the event a number of smaller servitors will spawn in and start interacting with the bigger one.  The first one has to be killed because he shields the Servitor from any damage.  There is a second phase where three spawn in… and in theory you can leave these up if you are just taking down the Servitor normally.  However if you kill them it starts the heroic phase…  which causes the Servitor to take greatly reduced damage…  talking 10-15 damage per shot in a vulnerable spot reduced damage.  The goal here is to get the servitor down pretty close…  then kill the three mini-servitors…  then drop the big guy to close out the event.

Excavation – Cabal

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This is one of the least straight forward of all of the events.  The goal of the Excavation event is to stand hear the mining lander and progress the bar to 100%…  all the while avoiding waves of progressively more difficult mobs and missiles that are coming in from the command ship hovering over the location.  At various points in the fight a Thresher gunship will fly in and start attacking anyone defending the location.  In order to trigger the heroic phase of the event you need to take down this gunship… and in my experience you have about two flyby phases to do it in before you have progressed the event to 100% and ended it naturally.  Essentially everyone needs to focus fire this thing down whenever you see it.  If you are successful a major cabal centurion boss will spawn in… and wreck him to earn your heroic chest.

Injection Rig – Cabal

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I am not honestly sure what the non-heroic goal of this event is, because from the start it is telling you to drawn down the Infiltrator Valus…  which is what happens if you trigger heroic mode.  While this event is going on there will be a giant cabal shield that spawns over the drill, and every so often giant vents will open at up to four spots on the rig.  If you are in the bubble you start burning, and the ultimately goal to trigger heroic mode is to destroy all four of these vents before you end up dying in the process.  About the most that I have seen taken out in a single go are two vents at a time, so that means it will take a few passes to get them all down.  It helps if you have a really good ranged power weapon like a fusion rifle or rocket launcher.  If you are successfull Infiltrator Valus will spawn and you wreck him to get your chest of goodies.

Spire Integration – Vex

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Much like the Fallen Walker event… this is a reboot of a classic event from Destiny 1.  In the Spire Integration event your goal was to prevent wave after wave of Vex from integrating with the spire that you were guarding.  One of those does in fact exist in this event, as does the objective of preventing anyone from integrating with a wiggle room counter of 10.  However to progress the event to the Heroic mode you need to also help build shields around these additional spires.  There will be 3 glowing rings scattered around the event… standing in one will begin to capture the point and raise a vex shield around you.  Once you have captured all three of these the Heroic mode will trigger and you have to destroy progressively more nasty Vex until the timer runs out.  Prepare to have Minotaurs and Cyclops to spawn in addition to all of the normal yellow bar Vex types.  Stay alive and prevent 10 integrations to win your heroic loots.

Taken Blight – Taken

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This one is really hard to explain visually so I am posting a picture of the objective you are trying to destroy.  Essentially the goal of this event is to destroy an number of taken blights that spawn in.  In Destiny 2 the blights work slightly differently in that they are protected by a bubble and in order to actually damage the blight you have to step inside of it.  During this event while standing in one of these bubbles you will get a brief buff called “Blight Receding”.  There is another giant blight bubble that will spawn near the other blights… and this one is protected by a shield and if you attempt to hit it you get “invulnerable”.  However while you have this Blight Receding buff you can deal damage to it.  Functionally you need to alternate ducking inside the bubble to get the buff and going out and damaging the big blight until it is destroyed.  If you are successful this will trigger the heroic mode and summon a Taken Major for you to destroy.  If you defeat it then you get shiny loots.

Witches’ Ritual – Hive

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This one only spawns on Titan and I believe only in one specific location near where you spawn in at the arcology.  The goal is to prevent a pair of hive wizards from opening a portal… the only problem is the wizards are shielded and invulnerable.  You will notice however there are two hive sigils on the ground, and standing in one causes the corresponding wizard to lose its shield.  After you take down the wizards a bigger more powerful wizard will spawn in.  In order to trigger the heroic version you need to then recapture the sigils and use it to destroy two crystals that were previously invulnerable to attack.  If you do this successfully another Hive Major will spawn in the Darkblade Knight.  Defeat it to get your tasty loots.

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