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Faction Rally 1: FWC Edition

Last night I went to bed at 7:30 pm…  and wound up sleeping the entire night other than a brief bit of time at 3 am when I had to struggle a bit to get back to sleep.  This is almost supernatural for me because traditionally I struggle to get six hours of contiguous sleep…  let alone ten hours.  The difference here is that myself and my wife have apparently been coming down with something.  I’ve felt like crap for a few days now, and last night I found out that my wife has all of the same symptoms.  In theory we have some sort of a bug that has been floating around, but regardless when she said that she could go to bed at 7:30…  I put away my Destiny 2 and decided to join her.  It was probably a good call since sleep tends to heal, or at least makes it seem like your body is sorting out the defense properly while you aren’t diverting system resources to other activities.  Right now in Destiny 2 an event called the Faction Rally is taking place where you can earn favor with the classic factions from the first game…  Dead Orbit, Future War Cult and New Monarchy.  My allegiance went to the house that had more weapons that I wanted from the loot packages… and quite frankly Future War Cult has the best weapons.  This morning I thought I would have a little show and tell…  since I have collected all four weapons available.

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I won’t lie.. this is the primary reason why I chose Future War Cult.  I absolutely love the Uriel’s Gift energy auto rifle, and this is effectively its higher stability cousin.  You gain that additional stability at the cost of the having high-caliber rounds all of the time.  For PVP purposes this is probably not a great tradeoff, but you do at least have high-impact reserves which is the d2 equivalent of glass half full.  I do however love the fact that this gun has ricochet rounds, which makes fire fights in closed spaces a little more deadly.  I will likely stick with Uriel, but I do still love this gun and will be breaking it out every now and then.

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Another gun I was super pumped about was this scout rifle, which is a cousin to my favorite scout in the game…  Manannan SR4.  Once again it is a situational choice because you are giving up explosive rounds which are insanely good for fights with lightweight swarms of mobs like thralls.  What you are gaining in its place however is Rampage which gives you a stacking damage boost for each kill that you make with the gun and stacks to three.  If you are in a situation where there are phases where several minion type mobs come out at once…  you can easily oneshot them with precision shots with this weapon and then use your rampage stacks on the boss.  I’ve been playing with this on the captain packs on the rig, and taking down several dregs before just shredding the captain and it works nicely.  Again however this is all situational… the two guns are very similar and you might need to carry around both depending on which you actually need.

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This is effectively a high damage lower stability version of the Better Devils hand cannon that I already loved.  What makes this gun special however is the Timed Payload perk, that causes an explosion a second after hitting the target that knocks it back or at least flinches it and does additional damage.  You will find yourself doing silly things like hitting dregs in the body just to watch the following explosion kill them as their corpse gets thrown a bit.  While the gun is lower stability than Better Devils… I really didn’t find much difference between the two and keeping them on target while pouring a lot of precision rounds into a boss.  In truth there is rarely an occasion where I would not choose this over Better Devils…  largely because if someone is hiding behind a corner these rounds will end up causing at least a little splash damage on the target if you shoot the wall.  The only real weak point is the 11 shot magazine, as opposed to the 13 of Better Devils.

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This one I have not really used because I never liked Sniper Rifles much in Destiny 1… and I like them even less when it means I have to give up using a weapon I do like in Destiny 2.  Overall the gun is a little low impact for my tastes, but I remember Omolon snipers being really stable and fun to use in Destiny 1 so I imagine this will also be the same.  This is essentially a version of The Mornin’ Comes but you are sacrificing Outlaw and Ricochet Rounds for Field Prep and Steady Rounds.  In truth its a toss up…  because if you are in a situation where you can crouch while firing this weapon you are going to have significantly faster reload time and deeper ammo reserves.  Steady rounds is just going to tamp down the recoil a bit and make it easier to hold on target…  so for a camper this is going to be the better weapon.  I am not one of those people so it is likely going to collect dust in my vault.

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Lastly I wanted to show this off.  The raid apparently had a repeat performance and cleared the Leviathan in one night this time, so huge gratz to the TQMB raid team!  As a result I had an engram waiting for me this morning on Hawthorne and wound up getting the weapon I really wanted to play with.  I have heard great things about the raid auto rifle, now I just need to find something to infuse into it.  Essentially the Raid and Trials engrams provide a weapon that is either 10 power or 15 power…  and in this case I lucked out and got one with a legendary mod already slotted into it making life easier when it comes to infusing.  I am sure at some point in the near future I will talk about my results with this weapon, but just taking a look at it initially it reminds me a bit of the overall stats of my Year 2 Haakon’s Hatchet.

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