Flame Broiled Defeat


Last night I met my first real defeat in Monster Hunter World and completely failed a quest.  That quest was me attempting to beat Anjanath in the Ancient Forest, which admittedly I am super happy I did the tracking work I already did for this mob in spite of what everyone has told me.  I managed to find it super fast and now we get into the part of the show where I talk about my horrible ideas.  I have thought this thing was serious business since the first moment I saw it… and as a result I went ahead and threw up a flare to see if anyone wanted to join me.  Within moments I had a full party of people tasking on this monster and in the grand scheme I thought it was going pretty well…  then I started noticing other players fainting.  It was around or about this point that I remembered that you get four faints per party…  not per person.  So when I finally fainted myself…  it happened to be the fourth one our party had gotten and the quest immediately failed out.  In theory I should have just tried this on my own because I was managing to land some significant hits in on the big guy but I guess the truth is I just sorta like running with party tactics going on.  I have been joining other folks quests and enjoying trying to learn how to play off of the strengths and weaknesses of the other weapons.  Mostly I am wanting to learn how not to trip up other players with the Longsword which has been a problem that other people have reported with the weapon.  As far as I could tell this was not actually happening because I tend to favor surgical strikes rather than just flailing away with R2 sweeping attacks.  My goal for tonight is to seek revenge and down a flame breathing dinosaur.


My enjoyment of this series is way more focused on playing with my Palico than probably any other element.  So much so that the first thing I do whenever I drop down on a map is find where the free roaming tailrider Palicos are and go get one.  I love the sequence of events that happens when your Palico meets one out in the wild.  They get together and then high five and cheer…  and moments later you have a new friend following you around and helping you.  This is literally the best part of monster hunter and the most purest joy I feel in the game.  Last night I found a Palico wearing the Horizon Zero Dawn Watcher suit and I just about lost my mind.  It too had the Pukei-Pukei bow equipped so it was an interesting combination of two mostly ranged characters helping me out.  My weapon development is sort of stalled out at the moment because I am not exactly sure what I need to get the next ranks as I have been using the Bone Shotel III for a few nights now.  I can in theory make an elemental version… but its base attack is slightly lower so for the moment I am sticking with what I have.

I will close out this mornings post with a video of one of the varied Monster Hunter World cooking sequences.  I just cannot explain how happy the Palicos and the Felyne chefs make me.  I find myself getting a meal cooked even when I am just going to go wandering around in the wastes doing nonsense for an hour completing bounties.  There are a lot of people who lament the change in the cooking song, but I never knew the previous one so its not like I am missing anything particular.  What I love is the completely over the top cooking sequence…  which admittedly was also one of the things I loved about Final Fantasy XV so maybe I just like digitally rendered food?  I’ve tried to play Generations again but find it particularly hard to control the game with my existing 3DS XL…  which is still way too small for my tastes.  As I have talked about in the past… I have large hands and a lot of controllers just feel awkward in them.  I play PS4 with the Hori FPS Plus which itself is a way larger controller than the default PS4.  It really makes me wish that Generations existed for the Switch because I think I could get into the game there knowing I had the option of playing docked if I want to…  which admittedly I play switch docked 90% of the time.  Side note…  I consider the default Xbox One controller a little small as well and similarly have found an aftermarket alternative that I love in the form of the  no longer made Power A Fusion Pro.  Thankfully I have managed to pick up a couple of those… one for PC and one for Xbox One off Ebay for way cheaper than that Amazon listing.

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  1. Monster Hunter XX is out for the Switch in Japan. If you make a JP account you can d/l the demo and see if you can get by without being able to read stuff. Giving how successful MHW seems to be, I’d kind of be surprised if they didn’t bring Monster Hunter XX to NA/Europe Switch owners.

    With Long Sword, you have to do a R2 combo to charge it up to higher levels so don’t think too unkindly about the people spamming R2. I’m still learning but I think you have to chain 3 R2 attacks to get it to the next level. Try it in your training area on that big (not moving) post. First fill the gauge by done regular attacks, then R2 3 times and you’ll see a little outline around your gauge. It’s now at level 2. If you do that again, the outline turns yellow and if you do it a third time, red. I THINK that’s how it works. Still learning. I do know if your R2 attack doesn’t hit something, it doesn’t count. I guess so people don’t run from the monster and swing at nothing to charge up their gauge.

    This guy demonstrates https://youtu.be/T26yqVtbWKc?t=1m23s
    Pete S recently posted..Monster Hunter World: Capturing beasties and flinging pooMy Profile

    • So to clarify… I tend to do the Triangle/Triangle/Triangle/Triangle then R2/R2/R2/R2 combo myself. I just know that the R2 attack and knock back other players so I try really hard to make sure I don’t do that. I really hoping that XX gets a release in the US because I would like to see if I can get into another game because so far I am bouncing off Generations again.

  2. That cooking song we’re lamenting isn’t related to getting a meal cooked for you, but when you use the BBQ Spit to roast raw meat yourself. You have to do it just as the song finishes to get a well-done steak, to the change is throwing people off who are used to the old timing.
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