Double Legendaries


I don’t have a whole hell of a lot this morning to talk about but I wanted to continue the pattern of the morning post.  This weekend I have a family reunion and a funeral to deal with… all the while shortly after finishing this post I will be driving my wife to the airport to start her week and some change of AP Statistics test grading.  The period of time when she is gone is always a hard one for me, but I am contemplating trying to stream a lot more in an effort to maybe not feel quite so alone.  Effectively one of two things will happen… either I force myself to get engaged with other human beings or I will end up falling deep into a turtle mode period that will take a significant amount of time to surface from.

Work thankfully seems to be stabilizing a bit and I have been able to hire both of my supervisors which is a step in the right direction.  I played a significant amount of Destiny 2 last night but unfortunately because of the nonsense that goes on with that game I couldn’t take any screenshots without disturbing the process of streaming it through Parsec.  It seems as though Parsec really does not like the Nvidia overlay turned on with the target machine… and that is the only way I have been able to reliably take a screenshot from Destiny 2.  Instead you are getting some images this morning from Hearthstone where I purchased the currently deal for several packs from all of the standard legal sets… and as you can see managed to somehow pull two legendaries in the same pack.


I also spent a good chunk of the evening a few nights ago playing my way through the Witchwood Monster Hunt solo adventure.  I played as Shaw the Houndmaster and did fairly well right up until the fight encounter…  when things went south really fast.  All in all it was a really fun mode and I had personally not done much of the solo adventure content in Hearthstone.  I think that is something I will ultimately need to remedy over the coming weeks.  I like Hearthstone quite a bit but I never end up playing it for whatever reason.  Similarly I am not playing that much MTG Arena, but with the addition of Kaladesh and Aether Revolt I might take part in the draft this weekend in an attempt to get some useful cards for fueling my Golgari obsession.

Ultimately it is going to be a rough weekend for me and probably a rough couple of weeks, so if I seem a little out of sorts that is why.  I am going to try and force myself out of the rut that I can foresee is on the horizon, so if you see me streaming pop by and say hi.

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