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The time has come to close Blaugust 2018 and as such you are all owed a post wrapping up the numbers.  Firstly I want to give special thanks to Armagon/Nogmara for chiming in and volunteering to help when I posted on twitter this morning.  I went from the top down on the list and they went from the bottom up and we knocked out the official tabulation of posts way faster than would have been the case were I doing it entirely by myself.  Things I have come to appreciate…  blogs that have a monthly tabulation of posts.  Things that I have come to dislike…  themes that do not clearly show the date a post was made.  Regardless we made short work of the counting and as such I have a bunch of numbers to share.  Of course we are fallible human beings and if we failed to count your blog correctly, please let me know and I will remedy this.

First some general commentary.  This is without a doubt the most successful running of Blaugust to date.  The discord turned out to be a pretty excellent way of interacting throughout the month and while I got super busy with the start of the school year and things getting crazy at work…  we maintained an active community from start to finish and I am super proud of everyone who participated.  I am especially proud of my mentors and all of the time they spent answering questions for the other folks participating.  I am also super happy for all the folks who just wanted to join into the community without actually participating, so a shout out to all of the supporters.

Here are some general statistics for the month…

  • 90 blogs signed up in Blaugust Reborn 2018
  • 83 bloggers made at least one post during the month
  • We added 1404 new blog posts to the community as a result of Blaugust Reborn
  • This equated to an average of 45 new blog posts per day
  • 26 Bloggers had 31 posts during the month or in a few cases considerably more

I have to say that is some pretty impressive numbers, and I am very pleased with how things turned out as a whole.  As such now is the time to start showing the progress.  While I traditionally don’t consider myself part of the festivities, I’ve included my numbers in the list just to show as a baseline for folks to compare again.  There are a lot of people who did WAY better than I did this month.  Additionally I thought it would be interesting to track the progress of mentors versus participants, because again…  some of the participants blew the mentors out of the water as well.  For sake of making tracking easier, folks who signed up with multiple blogs were counted as a single tally rather than a tally per blog.  Without further stalling on my part… the numbers.

Bronze Award Club


Now if you go back to my original post outlining everything, these are folks who made at least five blog posts during the month of August 2018.

Silver Award Club


Again based on the original outline these are folks who got at least fifteen posts during the month of August 2018.

Gold Award Club


As outlined in the original post, these are folks who got at least 25 posts during the month of August 2018

Rainbow Award Club


Finally we have a rather large number of people who hit 31 posts in the month…  and a few went considerably over.  Grace with her two very active blogs managed to get the single highest post out which is super impressive.

I am exceedingly impressed with just how much content was put into the world by Blagust Reborn 2018, and I thank you all for particpating.  I want to give a special honorable mention however for the folks who started but never quite made those five posts to get on the chart.  Signing up and starting something is the first step and hopefully next year they will find the oomph to post a little more frequently.  The discord community will be here supporting them as they keep their blogs going throughout the calendar year.

Honorable Mentions

So there it is folks…  some amazing work for Blaugust Reborn 2018.  I am humbled by the sheer amount of support I got from the community on this, and without a doubt we will be making a come back with Blaugust Reborn 2019 in the near future.  My hope is that through the Discord community the planning process will go a little more smoothly in the future as I was sorta doing this by the seat of my pants as I went.  Thanks for proving that blogging is not in fact dead, and maybe making a bit of a resurgence.  For now I am going to close this post and go play some games, but sincerely I love this community.

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  1. Really great to discover and expose all the new (and established) bloggers. Thanks to all the mentors, participants, and Belghast most of all.

  2. Thanks for organizing Blaugust, it was really great having all those new posts to read every day. My husband enjoyed it as much as I did, and read many of the blog posts that were out there. I hope everyone keeps writing.

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