Haphazard Huntering


A blank screen is probably the hardest thing to confront when you are not exactly feeling up to doing a proper blog.  I am feeling a bit better than I was yesterday but still not really amazing.  In fact my fingers don’t seem to be in unison this morning and I keep having to backspace to fix issues where I hit the wrong letter in the wrong order.  As such be warned there are probably going to be a bunch of spelling errors.  For much of my day off I was dealing with email that never seems to stop even when I am out of the office, and for whatever reason yesterdays volume seemed to be more extreme than normal.  However in between the email arrival sounds I sat on the sofa playing Destiny 2 and watching a marathon of American Pickers on History Channel.  I grew up as an only child and my default mechanism for not feeling alone is to turn on the television and largely use it as background noise.  Given that for the most part I had whittled down all of the engram options for the Titan I spent my time on the Hunter working on pushing its level up enough to someday be relevant.


By the time the PC version of Destiny 2 released… I had already ground up three characters to the then level cap of 305 light and struggled to do the same on another platform.  As such my Hunter and Warlock have long been neglected with both having completely the Red War campaign but nothing past that point.  As such I worked my way through the Curse of Osiris content and a few missions into Warmind yesterday when I finally decided to start pushing the story instead of doing nothing but public events on Titan.  I still stand by that as an amazing way to level, because I have a stack of token to turn in on that destination if I ever get this character up high enough to make use of them.  There is something relaxing about playing Destiny as a whole and I can happily run loops around a planet because the moment to moment game play feels like an extension of my mind with little to know translation involved.  I can just perform the actions that I want to without thinking about doing it… the only challenge is getting used to the three vastly different jump patterns.  I still am of the firm belief that the Titan jump is the best, but pretty much every other class devotee would fight me on that.


Past that I spent a bit more time running around in Final Fantasy XIV and doing some more Palace of the Dead.  It is like I suddenly forgot that no one runs anything higher than 51-60…  because I kept trying to figure out why my 91-100 queue was so damned long.  Once I switched up my tactics and started pushing the 51 bracket over and over the progress sped up significantly.  The only negative is that I had a bunch of runs where we encountered no hidden treasures along the way.  One of my favorite things about Palace of the Dead was how often I wound up with interesting transmog bits as a result.  I am looking forward to pushing the Dark Knight high enough to be able to get into Heaven on High to see if there are also interesting transmog bits there as well.  I figure I will grind up through the brackets at least once to be able to unlock everything along the way.  I remember in Palace you needed to have beaten 100 to turn in any of the weapons, and I figure Heaven does the same shtick.


Lastly I didn’t share this in yesterdays post because I am not entirely sure what I am doing with it.  However I figure since it is a slow morning I will talk a bit about it here.  I had this weird revelation when someone jokingly referred to me as “Old Man Bel” that all three words had three characters and could be stacked in a pleasing pattern.  So while I was fiddling with making all of the sidebar images this weekend I also knocked this out.  I am not entirely sure what I am going to do with it, but I made it so I thought I would share it.  The illustration behind the lettering is of course by the amazing AmmosArt, and I talked a bit about her ESO Bel commission from awhile back.  I have more commissions that I want to get made, especially a Monster Hunter Belghast but I have to sort out exactly what weapon I want to be using and which of my armor sets to have equipped…  the truth is probably my favorite look is a weird mix of the Dober set and the original Samurai layered armor.  Like I said I have no clue what will happen with this branding, especially since I don’t actually stream on a regular basis.  That is still something I hope to do more of, but I find myself completely out of spoons most nights by the time I get home… so much so that for the better part of this year I have completely avoided voice chat in any form.  It doesn’t help that the majority of my crew are time shifted by 2 hours… and are getting online as I am going to bed.  Regardless I did a thing and I am sharing a thing.

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