Blaugust 2016


For those not indoctrinated already, Blaugust is a festival of blogging focusing on the concept of blogging on a schedule.  The first two years focused on creating thirty one blog posts during the month of August.  While awesome to see this much content created during a short period of time, it also had some negative effects.  Many people took significant breaks from their blogging after August concluded.  Some even gave up and quit blogging all together.  While the idea of a focus on blogging on a schedule is a great thing…  trying to force folks to run the gauntlet of daily posting is really not.  As a result this year we are focusing on letting people set their own schedule.  This page is devoted to the folks participating this year and they schedule they have chosen.

Daily Posts

Weekday Posts

Three Posts a Week

Some Other Schedule

As Time and Inspiration Allows

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