Fetching Cats


I am not entirely certain how well this video is going to come across on the blog, since I am just using the default twitter embed process. ¬†I’ve talked about playing fetch with my youngest cat Kenzie before. ¬†She loves rubber bands, and whenever she wants to play will bring one and drop it beside me. ¬†Traditionally this has meant tossing it around the room and her chasing after it. ¬†However over the weekend my wife went to a craft fair and picked me up a basic rubberband gun. ¬†Now at first the results were mixed, but I quickly realized it was because it moved quicker than she could actually track. ¬†So firing it across the room in the air meant she would just look at me confused a few times and then give up. ¬†However if I fire it across the floor so that it makes impact and slides the rest of the way… ¬†she is able to track that and bolts off after it. ¬†I decided to attempt to record this in the process and overall it turned out pretty well… including the batting of the gun to try and make me fire it. ¬†This was my evening… and when she would get tired she would bring it back… and then lay down on top of it. ¬†Later she would discover it again when she got up and the circus would continue.


As far as gaming went… it was another mixed bag of an evening. ¬†Firstly early in the evening before my wife got home I spent that time working on my Warlock and namely doing the Shiro and Tyra weekly quest. ¬†The idea being that if I keep doing those every week I am bound to get some interesting stuff from the load of legendary engrams that they ultimately provide. ¬†At this very moment I swap them all to the bank and then hop on my highest light character to open them. ¬†However before long that won’t matter quite so much given that the only sub 385 character I have right now is my Warlock. ¬†Today is the weekly ¬†reset, and from what it sounds like it is a really good week to farm packages. ¬†If nothing else this is going to be the week that I farm up all of the heroic strikes I need for Future War Cult quest. ¬†Small Arms and Solar Burn means you can farm heroics, and Mayhem Clash means you can finish games in 6 mins making it an insane Crucible farm week as well. ¬†Needless to say I am probably going to be playing Destiny tonight.


In World of Warcraft last night was our traditional Mythical Monday night… ¬†which is just a cute name for “oh shit we never did a mythic this week”. ¬†It seems like Monday is the night that I always end up doing a keystone just in time to get a free item today. ¬†This time around there was a double benefit, in that my friend Mor needed Black Rook Hold for the Karazhan attunement, and he also had a keystone for it. ¬†It is getting to the point where these runs are largely pretty smooth and we managed to complete in with enough time to spare that we got two chests at the end. ¬†Unfortunately I don’t think anyone managed to get any usable gear. ¬†Quite honestly it has been a really long time since I have gotten anything useful out of a Mythic, and largely they are just something I do… because of the fear of missing out on something from the chest. ¬†I enjoy them, and I am always happy to tank them pending I can dedicate 30 minutes of my time in one sitting. ¬†However I am not necessarily running them because I need them.


Lastly I finished the evening in Rift and managed to finish up Scatherran Forest. ¬†I got so into the game that I completely did not watch the time… and wound up finally heading to bed when my wife started to wake up from the sofa at 12:30. ¬†From there I had a pretty fitful night sleep wise, so it is definitely going to be an interesting day. ¬†That aside… ¬†Scatherran Forest was a great experience and the wrap up event was full of epic moments. ¬†At the end of the zone you wind up going into a mini solo dungeon of sorts, with I believe four boss encounters that you take on with two companions. ¬†As far as the story line and ramifications… they also felt pretty awesome. ¬†There were some definite feels caused by the ending… that were not entirely attributable to the late hour. ¬†I’ve now moved on to the Gedlo Badlands, with my general idea being to ping pong back and forth between the two as I work my way through the comet towards the Tower of Ahnket. ¬†I had my first real run in with Ahnket and it was interesting… ¬†definitely get a malevolent evil vibe… ¬†but also that of a cat playing with a toy which makes it all the more fitting to talk about this morning. ¬†I ¬†talked a bit during the day about Time to Kill issues… and apparently a good chunk of that was my own damned fault in that I forgot to slot any planar fragments. ¬†Once I did that… I noticed a significant boost in damage output, so if you are similarly struggling try that. ¬†So far my favorite thing about this expansion is largely just a side effect. ¬†I love that I am gaining planar levels insanely fast anytime I do pretty much anything… which is helping me flesh out those neglected trees.

Rubber Band Thief


A Game of Fetch


This is Kenzie and she is a mess. ¬†I am not sure how else to describe her, because she is unlike any other cat we have shared a home with. ¬†She can be the biggest butt ever, and a bit of a bully to the other cats… ¬†but she can also be the sweetest and most adorable animal you have ever seen. ¬†She sort of vacillates between being an angel and a devil sometimes within the same moment. ¬†She likes to help with the laundry… and as you can see here sometimes crawl under the upturned laundry basket. ¬†She also gets super obsessive about certain things… for example I really like Red Velvet Muffins from QuikTrip… ¬†and apparently so does she. ¬†I can wrap up one of the muffin wrappers in several layers and she will go spelunking through the trash can in search of it. ¬†When she finally gets it… it is not like she eats it but more certainly rips it to shreds. ¬†Another similar obsession is twist ties and rubber bands. ¬†We go to the cleaners fairly often and for whatever reason they like to rubber band together sets of wire hangers. ¬†I am not sure exactly when it happened but Kenzie started stealing these rubber bands from the closet and running off with them. ¬†In fact our living room and bedroom are filled with little caches of rubber bands that she mysteriously “loses” and can then summon up at pretty much any moment when she wants one. ¬†I have a feeling if we ever moved out the couch there would be a sea of rubber bands and twist ties laying back there waiting to be rediscovered.

Over time this obsession started to morph and I am not completely sure when it started. ¬†Instead of just playing with the rubber band she started returning back to wherever we were at and dropping it next to us. ¬†When she first did this I decided to go ahead and toss it away again and see what she would do, and from there… ¬†a new game was born. ¬†We have a cat that plays fetch, in the truest sense of the word. ¬†She will bring us something… and want us to toss it… and then she brings it back and we do this over and over until she gets tired of it. ¬†When that happens one of two things will happen… either she will “lose it” and by lose I mean know exactly where it is at all times but decide to stop returning it. ¬†Either that or she will just lay down beside me ON the object and want attention. ¬†This second cessation of fetch generally means that she just wants a break and will resume fetch in a little bit when she starts nudging the object again. ¬†So as a result the highlight of my evening was more or less spending an hour and some change playing fetch with Kenzie, quite possibly the longest running game yet. ¬†It was extremely important because my wife was in the bedroom with the doors shut off attempting to bond with Luna, someone I have not really introduced you to yet. ¬†As a result I am trying to be elsewhere so that both Kenzie and Allie have a stable and friendly source of attention, and as a result while I tired of the fetch thing about thirty minutes into it… and while my reaction time slowed significantly as I tried to level my Warlock… ¬†I kept at it because I knew Kenzie needed someone constantly paying attention to her.

Pandaria Is Maddening

Wow-64 2016-08-03 06-28-35-04

As far as the gaming I was doing while playing fetch … ¬†I continued to push my Dwarf Warlock up through the levels. ¬†At this point I am sitting at 88 and somewhere in the Townlong Steppes quest chain. ¬†I said that Pandaria was maddening and that is mostly because we are in this awkward transitional period of time… where you cannot actually purchase the flight book off the black market auction house. ¬†That means you can level an alt and have it fly happily from level 60 until 85… then have this awkward block of 85-90 where you cannot fly, and pick up once again in the 90-100 content. ¬†This is a prime example of one of my complaints with World of Warcraft content, in that often times they seem not to take into account the ramifications of changes. ¬†Removing the Black Market Auction House until legion… also probably unintentionally blocked players from being able to purchase the level 85 book for flying. ¬†The easy fix would have been to simply change the level you can purchase Pandaria Flight from the trainer in the Shrine to 85, and do away with the book. ¬†However instead I am stuck in this limbo as I try to level a new army of alts to the current level cap of 100. ¬†I realize that I could always purchase boosts to 100 and be done with it… but even though I am taking every shortcut possible, I still enjoy the act of leveling and questing. ¬†The mob density in Pandaria just makes that whole process a bit of a slog.

The one thing I am super thankful of however is that while each individual zone is a fairly linear process… they have added quests that unlock zones rather than having to quest your way through one to get to the next. ¬†That way when you ding a level you can check the Adventure Guide to get the quest to move on to the next area. ¬†This admittedly really speeds up the leveling process, and while I once had this ideal path through Pandaria that mostly still works… ¬†it is sped up by no longer needing to clear to a specific quest to unlock the next area. ¬†My next big decision however is what to do when I ding 90, and if I want to spend the gold to upgrade my caster heirlooms from 90 to 100. ¬†I am highly considering it given that I have two more cloth wearers that have yet to hit 100, so it is not like they won’t see a lot of use in the coming months. ¬†Essentially where I am standing on the whole leveling game is that I have my Priest, Mage and Monk that will be sub 100 now that I am zeroing in on getting that Warlock up there. ¬†At some point once I get some gear at level 100 I will probably take a lengthy break to finish farming up the remaining cloth that I need to push my tailoring up to a reasonable place for Legion. ¬†As to why I am suddenly motivated to play all of these alts… ¬†I guess in theory it is because I am constantly seeing new appearance items and creating a stable of appearance farmers for the various armor types. ¬†Prior to the Warlock I did not really have a cloth wearer that I enjoyed playing… and as a result don’t have much in the way of cloth appearance gear. ¬†After all… the true end game is looking awesome.

Tech Pedantry

Roguish Charm

ffxiv 2015-02-23 06-12-46-67This weekend was one of those where we stayed inside for the majority of it.  For starters I still feel like crap, with whatever bronchitis type thing that I have.  I think it might be getting slightly better, but still feeling drained from all the coughing.  For the most part I spent my weekend in a blanket cocoon on the sofa catching up on the show scorpion and playing an awful lot of Final Fantasy XIV.  While some of my time was spent with the guild running group content, a far greater amount was spent working on leveling rogue.  The class is really starting to grow on me, primarily because of the extremely well done animations.  Even though I essentially only have four buttons that matter right now, the animations feel important and it feels like I am the master of dagger based combat.  I started the weekend at level 18 and ended the weekend at level 26 so I am pretty happy with that.

For the longest time I had struggled with what to level next.¬† My monk was the closest to max level at 33 but really there is just something about it that does not excite me.¬† I‚Äôve never really liked unarmed/fist weapon classes in games.¬† At high levels you can get some insane looking claws which I am sure improves the enjoyment‚Ķ¬† but in general I have never actually liked monk characters in the Final Fantasy franchise.¬† Tifa, Sabin, Yang, and Zell all got a minimum of use in my parties, always favoring other jobs for my melee classes.¬† So I guess for me I don‚Äôt have this fond nostalgia for the monk and as such it just feels like a less interesting dragoon.¬† Rogue and I am hoping ninja on the other hand feels like this blade master that moves swiftly and delivers fast attacks on their target.¬† I can see leveling both at some point, but I think for the time being I will be ‚Äúyet another ninja‚ÄĚ waiting in the party finder.

Tech Pedantry

mpc-hc64 2015-02-23 06-18-44-52 The other aspect of this hibernation was watching all sixteen episodes of the show Scorpion to catch me up to date.  For some time now my wife has been telling me that she thought I would enjoy the show.  Some people are pedantic about grammar or spelling… for me it is about technology.  If you show a technology used in an inappropriate way it grates on my nerves and I struggle to get past it.  The logo for the television show is stylized as </scorpion>  which is an ending html tag…  and it drives me insane that they did not instead use the appropriate syntax for a single tag which would be <scorpion />.  Anyways at some point I pushed past this frustration when I kept hearing from friends how good the show was.  It took me a few episodes to start caring about the characters but right now I think I am officially hooked.

The strange thing about the show is that for the most part they do get technology right.¬† When they go into a nuclear reactor they talk about SCADA based systems, which are an actual protocol that for the most part runs all major infrastructure.¬† Other elements have a bit of science fantasy applied, but still the vast majority of it checks out in theory.¬† The only question is just how much of the show is based on the real Walter O‚ÄôBrien and how much is made up for the sake of Hollywood.¬† The hacking NASA thing is supposedly true, but I feel like much of the show is romanticized for the sake of the screen.¬† I am just happy to be watching a show that does a pretty fair job of representing tech, and doing so as close to reality as probably any other show has managed to get.¬† Sure it suffers from the same ‚Äúgoofy interface‚ÄĚ issues that any other show does, but I have connected enough with the cast of characters to get past that.¬† All I have to say is that Happy Quinn is a badass, and so long as she continues to be an interesting character I will probably keep watching.

Best Shoes Ever

starwarsvans I have this strange attachment with Vans, Airwalk and Converse shoes.  There is just something I like about canvas low tops that make me happy… especially the slip on varieties.  I would not say that I collect them but I definitely have more than a handful of pairs that I swap back and forth between.  The other day my wife stumbled onto the above pair of shoes and thought I needed them.  That is how cool my wife is, that she found something like this on her own and suggested I order them.  Granted for size 13 shoes they were a bit more expensive than I originally thought, but damn are they worth it.  Today is going to be the first time I wear them, and I am sure I will get some goofy looks…  but fuck it… they are amazing.  They did have some really subtle Darth Vader shoes that I contemplated getting, but I only wanted to get one pair… and the choice was obvious.

sunningcats While I am posting pictures, I figured I would drop this one on the blog as well.  This is one of those rare moments when all three of our cats are getting along.  It is a great size comparison picture that shows just how insanely huge Chloe is compared to Kenzie and Allie.  As I write this I have Kenzie the kitten sleeping on the top of a computer case on my desk, Allie picking at a box on under my desk, and Chloe sprawled out blocking the exit to my room.  They feel like they should be fed apparently, and are going to guard me until I make it happen.  Every time I stop typing the look around anxiously as though I am going to bolt from the room and try and shake them.  Living with my fuzzy menagerie is definitely an interesting existence, especially when at the same time both ferrets are demanding attention.  These are all the reasons why I often am late getting out the door in the morning, but I would not change it for the world.