Fetching Cats


I am not entirely certain how well this video is going to come across on the blog, since I am just using the default twitter embed process. ¬†I’ve talked about playing fetch with my youngest cat Kenzie before. ¬†She loves rubber bands, and whenever she wants to play will bring one and drop it beside me. ¬†Traditionally this has meant tossing it around the room and her chasing after it. ¬†However over the weekend my wife went to a craft fair and picked me up a basic rubberband gun. ¬†Now at first the results were mixed, but I quickly realized it was because it moved quicker than she could actually track. ¬†So firing it across the room in the air meant she would just look at me confused a few times and then give up. ¬†However if I fire it across the floor so that it makes impact and slides the rest of the way… ¬†she is able to track that and bolts off after it. ¬†I decided to attempt to record this in the process and overall it turned out pretty well… including the batting of the gun to try and make me fire it. ¬†This was my evening… and when she would get tired she would bring it back… and then lay down on top of it. ¬†Later she would discover it again when she got up and the circus would continue.


As far as gaming went… it was another mixed bag of an evening. ¬†Firstly early in the evening before my wife got home I spent that time working on my Warlock and namely doing the Shiro and Tyra weekly quest. ¬†The idea being that if I keep doing those every week I am bound to get some interesting stuff from the load of legendary engrams that they ultimately provide. ¬†At this very moment I swap them all to the bank and then hop on my highest light character to open them. ¬†However before long that won’t matter quite so much given that the only sub 385 character I have right now is my Warlock. ¬†Today is the weekly ¬†reset, and from what it sounds like it is a really good week to farm packages. ¬†If nothing else this is going to be the week that I farm up all of the heroic strikes I need for Future War Cult quest. ¬†Small Arms and Solar Burn means you can farm heroics, and Mayhem Clash means you can finish games in 6 mins making it an insane Crucible farm week as well. ¬†Needless to say I am probably going to be playing Destiny tonight.


In World of Warcraft last night was our traditional Mythical Monday night… ¬†which is just a cute name for “oh shit we never did a mythic this week”. ¬†It seems like Monday is the night that I always end up doing a keystone just in time to get a free item today. ¬†This time around there was a double benefit, in that my friend Mor needed Black Rook Hold for the Karazhan attunement, and he also had a keystone for it. ¬†It is getting to the point where these runs are largely pretty smooth and we managed to complete in with enough time to spare that we got two chests at the end. ¬†Unfortunately I don’t think anyone managed to get any usable gear. ¬†Quite honestly it has been a really long time since I have gotten anything useful out of a Mythic, and largely they are just something I do… because of the fear of missing out on something from the chest. ¬†I enjoy them, and I am always happy to tank them pending I can dedicate 30 minutes of my time in one sitting. ¬†However I am not necessarily running them because I need them.


Lastly I finished the evening in Rift and managed to finish up Scatherran Forest. ¬†I got so into the game that I completely did not watch the time… and wound up finally heading to bed when my wife started to wake up from the sofa at 12:30. ¬†From there I had a pretty fitful night sleep wise, so it is definitely going to be an interesting day. ¬†That aside… ¬†Scatherran Forest was a great experience and the wrap up event was full of epic moments. ¬†At the end of the zone you wind up going into a mini solo dungeon of sorts, with I believe four boss encounters that you take on with two companions. ¬†As far as the story line and ramifications… they also felt pretty awesome. ¬†There were some definite feels caused by the ending… that were not entirely attributable to the late hour. ¬†I’ve now moved on to the Gedlo Badlands, with my general idea being to ping pong back and forth between the two as I work my way through the comet towards the Tower of Ahnket. ¬†I had my first real run in with Ahnket and it was interesting… ¬†definitely get a malevolent evil vibe… ¬†but also that of a cat playing with a toy which makes it all the more fitting to talk about this morning. ¬†I ¬†talked a bit during the day about Time to Kill issues… and apparently a good chunk of that was my own damned fault in that I forgot to slot any planar fragments. ¬†Once I did that… I noticed a significant boost in damage output, so if you are similarly struggling try that. ¬†So far my favorite thing about this expansion is largely just a side effect. ¬†I love that I am gaining planar levels insanely fast anytime I do pretty much anything… which is helping me flesh out those neglected trees.