Warbears and Stormsplitter



We will lead off with the accomplishment of the night.  I knew I was pretty close to the ARR Warrior “Raid” mount but I had lost sight of actually going after it specifically.  I never really did anything to purposefully grind for this, and for the most part got my 200 “high-level duties” organically by running various raids with the free company. It was at some point during our Omega runs that I happened to notice I got the achievement, and that prompted a trip to the guy near the waterfall in Gridania… who also apparently had the Maelstrom themed mammet waiting for me as well.  The way I ride this mount is sort of insane, with me reaching down and trying to hold onto the fur and it runs around insanely.  It is funny how animation cycles affect how we feel about the speed of a mount, because while this is technically the same speed as everything else I own…  the feels so much faster because of the dynamic run loop.  Grizzled warbear is probably the most Bel mount in existence…  and it is only slightly sad that it doesn’t fly.  There is however a newer bear that supposedly does have the ability to fly… and at the moment I am 49 of some silly number of 70+ content needed for that achievement.  I doubt I will purposefully grind for it, but instead someday also be surprised when I see its achievement scrolling by after tanking a dungeon for someone.


Once upon a time in a small town far far away…  I was a little skater punk kid.  Technically I only grew up an hour away but we are going to call it far away for sake of the narrative.  I was lucky enough that I had a half pipe in my yard, that we bought second hand and moved to our location and reassembled.  Now this was too small to have a roll in, so it was functionally a “drop in” style ramp.  For those unindoctrinated… most ramps have a bit of metal coping at the top of the lip that is there to protect the wood of the ramp from the “trucks” aka axles of the skateboard as you come up to the top and grind.  Getting onto the ramp involved danging your board out over the edge of the ramp, with your back trucks butted up against the metal coping and then shifting your weight from the tail of the board to the front causing you to “drop in” to the ramp.  I found this process completely terrifying, and each time I went out to skate the first few runs involved me not being willing to give myself over to gravity… and ultimately sliding down the ramp on my ass.  Eventually I would loosen up and get comfortable and be able to drop in just fine for awhile and be able to ride the ramp legitimately for the rest of the day.

The reason why I have related this analogy is that for the most part… doing new organized content in an MMO is like dropping in for me.  I am super hesitant for awhile and unwilling to venture off on my own and give it a shot.  I didn’t do a whole lot of solo grinding of Alexander because I felt like I needed that safety net there in case something went wrong.  Similarly this expansion I have thusfar been unwilling to join a party finder group to do Susano Extreme or Lakshmi Extreme, and last night…  was the moment I dropped in for the first time.  My friends Mor and Grace decided that we were going to do the encounters, and we recruited Muspel as well…  and the four of us…  two tanks and two heals set forth to build a party finder group.  Susano was for the most part a learning experience, but very quickly it became a situation of having to work the kinks out and get our dps up high enough to be able to beat the enrage.  With about 20 minutes to spare we manage to do it and I got my first kill under my belt.  Lakshmi did not go so well, and not only was it much harder to pull together the group…  but it also was pretty clear early on that we had nowhere near enough dps to be able to finish the job.  After some wipes… having someone drop… refilling the group and re-queuing…  only to wipe again due to not enough damage…  we opted to call it for the evening.  That said I now feel significantly more comfortable in either fight as a tank, and in theory I would probably be willing to solo queue from now on.  I got over the coping…  and got my weight shifted in the right way and now am more or less fine.  However it is only because I went into the content with some people that I trusted… that I was eased over the edge, so I appreciate it when someone is willing to just hang out with me and answer my questions while I do new harder content.

Ghosts and Spectres

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Destiny Bucket List

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One of the things that I love about Destiny is that there are so many intricate things to do… but unfortunately a lot of them require a full group to actually do them.  I mean it is awesome that I have Axioma Clan to back me up in doing these, but my default “non-raid night” stance is wandering around aimlessly soloing things.  So as a result there are several things that I just have not been able to accomplish for one reason or another because I needed to organize a group.  One of those was finding all of the pieces for the Dead Cult Ghost from the Paradox Daily heroic mission.  I love the Stranger’s Rifle so much, and when I found out that there was a year two version called No Time To Explain… I knew I wanted it.  Unfortunately to get it you have to go through a series of jumping puzzles in the daily heroic and retrieve several different dead ghost shells.  After turning that piece in the next weekly reset you should in theory get the follow up quest from Lakshmi from the Future War Cult.  I had watched a handful of videos and I knew that under pressure there was zero chance of me successfully navigating the jumping puzzles and finding all of the ghosts on my own.

This is where my amazing friend Jex comes in because he seems to have the sort of mind for remembering strange destinations.  The problem being that Jex is just about to head out on vacation for a week… and as of writing this post he should already be travelling.  I had a ton of other folks offer to help out like Broken and Wet, but by the time I made it in game I had an invite waiting on me from Jex and shortly after my friend Sagacyte joined.  I of course died a few times doing the jumping bits, and as far as the sped up vault of glass jumping puzzle… I just hung out watching Saga complete it like a pro and pull me through to the other side.  I died a handful of times but not apparently during the critical junctures, because I believe there is a piece of this quest that you cannot die during.  In any case if all works well next Wednesday I should have the final step that ultimately leads to my shiny new No Time to Explain.  I am super thankful to Jex and Saga, and all the other people in Axioma Clan who offered to help out with this.  Now I guess this just leaves the Black Spindle that has eluded me, but hopefully with all the light levels we have been gaining getting that done will be significantly easier.

Spectre Time

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So last night Jex literally snuck on just long enough to get me my cult ghost and then disappeared into the background again to prepare for his trip.  After he left, and ultimately Sagacyte left as well I wound up heading downstairs to play Destiny from the comfort of the couch and remotely connected through my laptop.  It feels like my Warlock is the unwanted orphan of my characters, because he always seems to get the worst hand-me-downs.  This is largely a side effect of simply being the last class that I leveled, and as a result having the lowest overall light level.  The truth is though that I like playing my Warlock way more than I like playing a Hunter.  I think I would probably enjoy the hunter, but it is going to require copious amount of time unlocking class abilities to really get to that point.  Gunslinger seems like the hunter for me, but it is also the class I have progressed the least.  Whereas on the Warlock I pretty much like all of the classes for one reason or another, with Sunsinger probably being my least favorite.  In any case I wanted to chill out and spend the night working through some of the bounties that I had stacked up for the warlock.  On both the Hunter and Warlock I tend to accept bounties until I have no more room, and then once a week work through most of them.

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The interesting lesson learned last night while wandering around and completing bounties is just how much I like the Red Spectre.  I mean I only held onto this weapon because it looks like Red Death… and I am so in love with Red Death.  The roll on this weapon is not amazing, but in spite of that I find that I really enjoy using it.  It kicks like a mule, but it seems to do so way more predictably than a lot of the other weapons I have with shit stability.  In theory once I get it properly leveled it will be performing better, but even in the stock form I enjoy it.  What it ultimately feels like to me is Fabian Strategy… that is once the rate of fire boost kicks in.  This thing is a really strange archetype, because it is not really a bullet hose because it has way more impact than they do… but it has a much faster rate of fire as compared to a lot of the slower rifles I have.  The only problem is…  whether or not I will be stealing this for my Titan once I get it leveled up.  I have a bad habit of stealing the best weapons for that character, and giving the others my scraps.  In theory I would love it for all of my characters to be self sufficient, and I know that thanks to the miracle of the website and mobile app… there is never a situation where I need to use a crap weapon.  However when it comes to day to day play I always seem to just go with whatever happens to be in the inventory of a given character.  The positive of this however is that I end up testing out a lot of weapons that I would not otherwise play with… and often times finding some gems in my dust bin.