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belPhotoSuspiciousAs of the time I am writing this it has been a little over six years since I started Tales of the Aggronaut and going on three years since I started my every day blogging initiative.  Reading those thousands of posts will give you all you ever need to know about me as a person.  That said I feel like I should still give you some sort of a shorthand summary for the sake of time.  I’m the husband of an amazing rockstar school teacher that boggles my mind on a regular basis with her brilliants.  During the day I lead an excellent group of developers, and during the evening I choose to spend most of my free time with an equally excellent group of long distance friends in the form of my gaming community.  Tales of the Aggronaut itself has gone through a number of changes over these years.  It started its life with the extremely focused purpose of being a World of Warcraft Warrior Tanking blog, because someone far smarter than I was at the time…  imparted the wisdom of needing to have a niche.  

The problem with niches is that human beings tend to change, and like most human beings I shifted focus.  My blog shifted to a general World of Warcraft blog, to a Rift fansite… before finally ending up where we are today..   my blog about things I am interested in.  More than likely you came here because you really like massively multiplayer online gaming.  You are most certainly going to find information about that, but you are also going to find a decent helping of my own personal life.  One of the realizations that I made pretty quickly during my daily blogging initiative is that if I am going to write every single day… then a good deal of my own personal failings are going to make their way into the text.  I like to think of my blog as a very long conversation that I am having with my readers, albeit a fairly one sided one.  I come here every morning and give you a snapshot of my world and how events are affecting me.  I appreciate that you are coming along with me on this journey, and I look forward to having less one sided conversations as well.

Supporting the Blog

Every now and then someone asks me how they can support this blog.  I am fundamentally bad at accepting help, let alone asking for it.  Sure there are lots of expenses that go into this blog and the podcasting that I do, but in truth I would rather just have more people reading the blog and listening to the podcasts, and money to offset the costs of doing it.  If you really want to do something there are a few things that you can do.

  • Follow My Twitter – Twitter tends to be the vehicle where I communicate with my audience the most.  It is my happy place filled with awesome folks that make my days better.  I am always looking for more awesome people to join me in my journey.
  • Add Me to Your Blogroll – Most of the bloggers that I read on a daily basis I have found through either interactions with them directly on twitter or through finding them on the blogroll of a friend.  While the blogroll is rather dated at this point, I still find it one of the best ways to find new people to read.
  • Listen to AggroChat – Once a week I get together with some of my friends to talk about games and stuff on AggroChat.  We love having listeners, and if you really like what you hear I would greatly appreciate you giving us a nice review over on iTunes since like it or not, that appears to be where a lot of podcast listeners find other things to listen to.
  • Watch my Streams – I stream pretty irregularly on Twitch, but when I do I love having people to chat with.  I tend to advertise that I am just about to stream on twitter, so if you follow me there you will get at least a bit of a heads up.
  • Follow my Youtube Channel – My YouTube channel is largely a collection of bits and pieces of my streams, as well as a few unique videos.  I am nowhere near as prolific as most YouTubers because quite honestly my focus is still very much on my blog, but it is nice to have a following there as well.

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  1. Hi!

    A few weeks ago I developed a tool/website for the MMO community, and I’m trying to get some help and exposure from the ones that do more than playing: podcasts, blogs, listeners and readers.

    The tool is a MMO database with lot’s of filters applied with logic operators, allowing the players to look for desirable characteristics in the games, and avoiding the ones they don’t like.

    As I’m writing this the database consists of 64 games and growing, but I can’t play thoroughly every game, and I’m asking the community for help completing and correcting the database.

    You can check it out here: http://mmo.plus

    If you think the site could be useful, and you can spare a few lines for it, I would love to reach more MMO players.

    Thanks you for reading!

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