Tales of the Aggronaut

Tales of the Aggronaut is the blog of Belghast.  It has gone through many changes during its existence.  It started its roots primarily as a World of Warcraft blog, but over time has morphed into Bel’s more general gaming soapbox.  Aggronaut is greatly influenced by the cast of players and games that influence Belghast.



bel_chibi_full Bel is the author of Tales of the Aggronaut, and more importantly a life long gamer.  Since getting his first taste of gaming on his parents Sears pong system, to finding an abandoned D&D Red box set, there has been a long and steady progression into all things gaming.  While having a wide collection of classic consoles, including such oddities as the turbographix duo, Japanese famicom, and NeoGeo CD, you can find Bel most often gaming on his PC.  Belghast is an avid proponent of MMOs, and got his roots back in Everquest.  Throughout these various games, he finds himself tanking even when he isn’t supposed to.  The Aggronaut name is taken for his aptitude for pissing mobs off.  In the real world Bel is played by a 30 something software developer, husband, and parent to several furry children.



Ariad is a twenty-something gamer who’s spent his entire life building worlds. Before his first stint with Quest For Glory with an open dictionary on the desk to look up words he didn’t know, he used to build elaborate Lego dungeons with enemies, traps, and prizes at the end. Now Ariad is a professional game designer, mainly because nothing else made sense. He spends a lot of time delving deep into games to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and still plays with Legos.


Sevok is an older gamer (40s) and an MMO vet, starting with UO on its release day. He’s played nearly every MMO since then, and participated in closed alpha/beta phases for a good number of them.  His primary interest is pet classes and caster-type classes (ranged DPS).  Currently playing The Secret World and watching Everquest Next with a very curious eye.