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This morning has pretty much sucked.  Fairly late last night we found out that we were expected to be at my wife’s mothers at roughly 9 am this morning.  This is completely separate from a long list of errands we needed to run this morning.  As a result I am finally getting home and able to blog today… additionally as a result I am extremely grumpy from having my routine demolished so completely.  The most frustrating thing is… that we essentially spent 3 hours on the road for nothing at all.  The reason why we were going… could have been easily dealt with over the phone.  So now I am finally setting down to try and make a post that hopefully does not sound angry at the world.

As the Guild Turns

rift 2013-07-20 14-34-32-35

As stated the other night, after the vote of Rift Stalwarts, we decided to break out into our own guild.  Since Thursday night we have gathered up about 15 members with more that I know will be joining that just have not logged in yet.  It is really starting to feel like a real guild again.  Last night guild chat was relatively active, and while things still feel a bit under construction we have managed to push through to level 2 already.  It will be a long ways from having all the nifty perks that we might have had in previous guilds, but we have unlocked more or less the most important ones like mass rez and the ability to plant rally banners.

It is awesome getting everyone together under one roof again.  I still am not sure what directions we will take, but it finally feels like home.  Silent Strike folk have been extremely awesome about the path we chose, and Saleny the leader offered a warm welcome both as a comment on the blog yesterday, and as an email.  I am hoping that we can find ways to do some joint stuff with the Strike folks.  Right now there are only two of us with high level characters, but it would be cool to go do a night of hunt rifts or something soon.

Home Decor

rift 2013-07-20 14-43-36-09

As I said yesterday, I pretty much bankrupted myself personally to make sure the guild had a dimension and a vault.  Rae is a pretty amazing dimension decorator, and she has done some truly awesome things with her personal Moonshade pools instance.  When it came to our Stone Tavern Inn instance… I told her the sky was the limit… do whatever the hell she wanted.  She has delivered massively.  I spent most of the evening whittling away on the 500 planar mobs and 50 planar rifts guild quest.  Over the course of the two hours it took me to almost complete the quest… she had been completely quiet.


When I finally decided I needed to take a break and we were like 5 rifts away from finishing the quest… she just mentioned in passing over guild chat that she had done some work on the guild hall and that I should check it out.  So in the course of the hour or so time since i had last heard anything from her… she had completed this entire bar area from scratch.  I was completely floored… it looked amazing.  So much so that some of you may have seen it last night when I tweeted it.  Most of last night the dimension looked pretty much the same.. included this amazing bar and the start of a second story.

rift 2013-07-20 14-44-04-62

When I just logged into the guild hall to see if any more progress had been done I was greeted with a lot of changes.  The first picture I posted in this section shows the amazing entrance you are greeted with when you first log in… including a dragonbone entrance with glowing green eyes.  The main floor of the inn appears to be mostly done and now there is a candelabra reaching down from the new upper story.  Some work has been done up there but it is still pretty Spartan… though I am sure she has plans for that space as well.

rift 2013-07-20 14-43-49-06

Additionally she has done a lot of work to flesh out the market area.  Where before there was just the Greenscale balloon, now there are a bunch of tents and assorted goodies set up.  I walked around in this area for some time before realizing that there is now a secret path that goes up the waterfall with platforms up there.  I can’t wait to see what she has in store for that area.  Essentially she has taken what is a large but not expansive zone and made it feel much larger than it actually is.  It looks like someone also expanded the item limit for the guildhall by quite a bit, so she still has a ton of items left to play with.

rift 2013-07-20 14-48-07-97

I am still just floored by her talent with dimensions.  I am probably going to get in trouble for showing all these pictures when the guild hall is still in progress, but I think it looks awesome.  Totally a place we will all be proud to call our own.  I believe she is going to enter her own dimension in the contest that is going on.  It really looks amazing, and she is applying that same talent to making ours look extremely cool.  If you are over on Faeblight definitely check out her houses… on the character Caithris.  Additionally swing by our guild hall and check out the progress.  I swear she likely did not sleep last night considering just how much work was done from the time I logged at 11 pm until now.

Wrapping Up

I am still in a rather sour mood… so I am going to go kill things in Rift.  Will look forward to finally having all our people under one roof, so trying to catch them as they log in to coordinate guild invites.  Right now I just want to chill out for a few hours after the frustrating morning.  Hopefully all of you out there have had a better day than mine… and additionally that you have a great weekend.

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