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I think finally I am back in the swing of things as of this morning.  Last night and this morning to be honest… I have felt fairly crummy.  There is an unnamed crud that seems to be circulating through the company and I am scared I might have contracted this new strain of “death flu”.  Since I was not exactly feeling up to par I turned down the opportunity to tank Siege of Orgrimmar for a new friend, and instead chose to go directly to sleep.  I have to say that was probably exactly the right decision, because I seem to have reached the point where my body is accepting this familiar hell that is waking up at 5:30 in the morning.

Today I even woke up a few minutes before the alarm was set to go up.  Of course I jumped up in a panic, out of fear that I didn’t actually set an alarm at all.  However upon fumbling for my glasses I noticed that the alarm was in fact on and it was only 5:28.  I just sat there on the edge of the bed waiting for it to tick down.  The alarm serves several purposes, not the least of which is that for some reason it is annoying enough to rip through my wife’s slumber and wake her up.  The funny thing is… our alarm clock is an artifact of the 80s.  While the above image is not my actual alarm clock, but it is the same model.  My aunt got it for me when I was around thirteen years old, and it has worked like a trooper ever since.

The secret to the alarm working is two fold.  Firstly it has without a doubt the most painfully horrible alarm when it goes off.  It reminds me of the droning klaxon that goes off in the background of every science fiction movie.  Additionally… this is the most important part… I keep it on the opposite side of the room from our bed.  This means one of us has to get out of bed and cross the room to turn it off.  At that point we have already won the hardest battle of getting up in the morning… actually leaving the warm cocoon of the bed.  It feels as though my brain is finally able to cope with waking up on a schedule again.  Now if I can just get over the death flu everything will be okay.

Vacation Catch Up

When I go on vacation I tend to do so on a pretty large scale.  I find it hard to follow social media, my RSS feed, and pretty much anything that is not wake up/play game.  As a result over the last few days I have been crawling down through my RSS feed.  I have basically made it about 7 days into the feed at this point and am realizing that I was mentioned in a few year end blog posts, and I feel like I have to thank them.  I feel like I am missing one, and I should have kept better track of these things while diving into the avalanche of posts.  Suffice to say that even the one or maybe two that I am drawing a blank on at 6 am this morning… made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

First up apparently I am now most known for my crusade to write something… anything.. every single morning.  I guess as far as something to be known for… I can live with that, especially since before April I was most known for long and unexplained lapses in blogging.  As I posted in my own year end summary, 2013 was a good year for me and I made a lot of positive changes.  Firstly I have to thank Talyn328 of Pumping Irony, he drew my attention to his year end recap post and he said a lot of really nice things.  It gave me a spontaneous case of the feels.  Additionally he pointed out my oversight that he is not on my visual blogroll…  a thing that I should correct this week.

While Rowan did in fact mention me during his year in recap…  my gratitude for him goes so much deeper.  This man is like my own personal cheerleader, and I mean that in the best possible way.  You should totally read his year end recap, but what he does for the community as a whole goes so much deeper than that.  Every single day he picks up my post, and the posts of several other bloggers… and then creates an interesting tweet spun off of the topic.  I have tried to do this but I just lack the gift this man has.  I will never understand what I did to qualify for this constant support, but I am forever grateful for it.

I know without a doubt that I am missing one, but as I crawled through my blogroll this morning I could not seem to find it.  One of the negative features of Feedly is that you can’t search back through the things you have read.  BlueKae gave me a shout out for a completely different reason, and I was happy to read his NaNoWriMo recap post.  I just want to say that while he claims I was part of his motivation for keeping moving, he was just as much part of mine.  Quite frankly I never could have made it through the 50,000 words were it not for the constant support of my online family.  That really is what you guys are… an extended family of my choosing.

What About Games?

Well honestly I didn’t so much of anything exciting last night.  At the very least not out of the ordinary.  I gathered up a few guildies and we all ran the Throne of Thunder LFR part one.  Mainly since I have done it a truly silly amount of times at this point, I served as a guide to the various mechanics.  I am not sure about the others, but I once again lost out on a weapon.  I did however get my favorite trinket in the game, that my shaman uses regularly.  When Bad Juju procs, it summons Voodoo gnomes… which are one of my favorite things to be added to the game.  There are two other items, one from Burning Crusade and one from Cataclysm that have a similar effect.  All it really makes me want is a gnome shaman.  Blizzard you should make that happen.

We are tentatively talking about going into the next part tonight.  We got a really late start on it as the bulk of us spent a silly amount of time messing about the Timeless Isle.  I personally was a bit late getting in game as I was playing that other game that must not be mentioned.  Speaking of games that with NDAs still intact… it seems as though the floodgates of invites have opened for Elder Scrolls Online beta.  Here is hoping that everyone that wants a key gets a key, as this is certainly one of the most sought after invites I have seen in awhile.  It reminds me of the early days of WoW Closed beta.  If you are interested J3w3l has been doing a really awesome job of collating a lot of the information floating around about the game in a series of blog posts.

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  1. Oh I hate that moment when you wake up in a panic.. early. Though once I did it and was actually running late so it has it’s purposes.

    You can search back through things you have read in Feedly! Just use “save for later” if it’s something you might want to.. well.. save for later. 🙂

    On a side note.. can think of somebody else missing from your blogroll. 😉
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  2. 1. Love the massive clock
    2. Great bunch of bloggers you mention. Spot on for Rowan he is amazing and a person I consider a friend.
    3. Overall great post

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