Spindleclutch’s Revenge

Wabbajack or Bust!

One of the last big decision points we had to make was picking our PVP campaign.  Essentially how Cyrodil works is that there are these campaign groups that are functionally like “servers” in that it represents one constant group of players from all three sides during a 90 day “season”.  These sides fight for control of Cyrodil and attempt to crown an emperor by holding all of the barrier keeps surrounding the White Gold Tower.  Each of these campaign groups is named after a weapon from elder scrolls lore.  Currently the most populated is “Auriel’s Bow” which is benefiting from “first in the list” syndrome… where people simply click the first option and go with it.  Oddly enough “Dawnbreaker” is another really high pop server, because for whatever reason a ton of serious Aldmeri Dominion pvpers decided to set up camp there.

As explained in my first video of the night, we have put our heads together and reasoned Wabbajack to be a good place to be.  For those who are not TES lore junkies or who have not played Oblivion or Skyrim…  Wabbajack is the weapon of the mad god Sheogorath.  You are just as likely to zap your foe as to turn them into a bunny…  or even rain down cheese from the heavens.  More importantly however it seems like quite a few of the more organized Daggerfall folks have chosen the server for their own, so I believe it will be a place where we might have a fighting chance against the Aldmeri and Ebonheart hordes.  We chose Daggerfall expecting it to be less populated, and as a result have an easier time getting into Cyrodil instances.  Unfortunately as the video states Slurms has ended up on Auriel’s Bow for the time being, but we are hoping he will get the ability to swap to us for free.

Spindleclutch’s Revenge

Last night my friends and I… or at least a slightly different group of friends… decided to go back into Spindleclutch in the hopes of completing the quest that had apparently bugged out the previous night.  The primary difference this time around was that we had two dps, a healer and a tank… the traditional dungeon makeup.  To complicate things, we had a player healing who had literally not had a healing staff in his inventory until a guild member crafted and mailed him one on the way to the dungeon.  So needless to say we had a few issues we needed to work out.  Overall we managed to make it through the dungeon, but at times it was through sheer force of will.  The above stream video documents our journey through the depths of spider hell.

For not having played a healer in ESO before, especially a night blade healer…  Kodra did a remarkable solo healing the dungeon.  Essentially we are realizing that the night before we simply brute forced a lot of the encounters with pure healing throughput in the fact that we had two healers who had rolled and were leveling AS healers.  This run through the dungeon was very similar to our first run through the dungeon almost a year ago.  There were many packs of mobs that flat out murdered us… especially once we got into the “corrupted” section of the dungeon.  Some of the group tactics were a nightmare and it was all I could do to try and juggle everything and also somehow manage to keep up enough stamina to be able to block power attacks.  At this point I am realizing I need way more stamina, and plan on dumping the next several skillups into that trait.

While there was quite a bit of faffing about before the dungeon, in trying to get over to Spindleclutch and get everyone zoned into it… I think we managed to run the place in roughly 45 minutes which is not too bad.  One of the things that would have really helped out quite a bit is the addition of crowd control.  I’ve considered spending a point and picking up dark talons, as being able to lock down a large group and at least keep it off the cloth wearers would have been extremely beneficial.  The other cool thing is that I somehow managed to get several viewers during the dungeon, one of which even congratulated us on our victory.  I am so used to no one watching my streams that it was rather odd knowing I had an audience that was not a guild member and likely not also in the same mumble channel as me.

Tonight there are already tentative plans to step back foot in the dungeon and see what trouble we can get into.  At this point I seem to be the only tank in the level range of the dungeon, and while I do not mind being the token tank…  there is only so much spelunking that I can take in a night.  My wife and I have made plans to start trying to walk around 10 pm, and this means I need to make sure I am not engaged in something around that time of the evening.  So essentially it cuts one potential dungeon run out for the night.  I am sure in the next few days we will have more tanks entering the level range to take the pressure off me.  My hope is that soon we can have multiple spindle groups going at the same time.

Feed your Claim

Landmark64 2014-03-29 17-08-24-87 Just a really quick and friendly reminder… if you are like me and now completely enthralled by Elder Scrolls Online…  don’t forget to log into Landmark periodically and feed your claim some copper.  The upkeep mechanic while not extremely brutal, is there and constant and could involve the repossession of your claim.  Since several of us managed to get in early enough to grab some pretty choice spots… I would hate to see any of us lose them to forgetting to feed the upkeep bank.  Currently you can have roughly 5 days worth of resources stacked up in your claim bank.  Every two to three days just to be certain, I have been logging in and depositing additional copper ore into the bank to keep it “topped off”.  I really wish I could farm up enough to keep it healthy for a month or so, but I can see their desire to limit it to a small amount so that players are constantly having to log in.

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  1. I’ve got my sorcerer to level 8 now and I’m setting him up as a dps/tank type right now. I plan to get him to the 12-13 range in the next day or so, then I could join as a “token tank” too, if you need one 😉 Means I’ll need to spend a few more points in the Dark Magic line and pick up 1H and shield by then…. should be easy enough since between then and now I should get 7-10 more skill points.
    pkudude99 recently posted..[ESO] ESO Day 3 and Throw Those Class/Archetype Expectations Out the Window Already!My Profile

  2. Thank you for the explanation of what Wabbajack is!

    I’m enjoying the heck out of TESO but if you were to ask me if I was tank, dps or control I’d have to say… I dunno! Since I’m still solo that’s part of the fun and not an issue but I guess I need to figure out a role and start spending points towards it if I’m ever going to be part of a team.
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