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The Best Intentions

Yesterday I read a post by Missy Mojo lamenting just how “un-fun” Blaugust has become for her.  I fear that there are a lot more people out there feeling the same.  I hear the same sort of lament in Kodra’s voice each night as he says he really needs to do his blog post.  The idea behind Blaugust was simple, to challenge people to do the same thing I do and write something, anything every day.  The thing is that the challenge grew legs of its own and sucked in a lot of newly minted bloggers along with the veterans.  I figured I might have five or so veteran bloggers take up the challenge as I did a year and a half ago.  The thing is I didn’t get there over night, and in fact had been blogging for around four years before I decided to post regularly.

This is probably the worst kind of event for someone new to the craft to start under, and we had huge participation by folks who started just for this even or started under the Newbie Blogger Initiative.  I promise my intention was not to grind people down with daily blogging, but instead to fill the gap that often happens in later summer for content.  In many ways it has worked better than I could have imagined, and tragedy in my own life has caused me to fall behind in the reading department.  My biggest fear is that this whole experiment will cause large lapses in content for the newer folks like Missy.  If you are doing this every day and not enjoying it, then it kinda defeats the point of blogging in the first place.  I give you complete permission to drop out of the contest with no hard feelings or lamentation.

White Mage Soul

ffxiv 2014-08-27 06-41-19-389 The primary goal of yesterday for me was to get my conjurer to 30 so that I could become a White Mage.  Since I already have a 50 tank, 50 ranged and 50 melee…  I felt like I needed some sort of max level healer at my disposal as well.  As far as healers go, I have enjoyed my time healing dungeons on the conjurer far more than I have enjoyed any healer in a long time.  The style just feels natural and I can usually land in a relaxing rhythm during each dungeon.  I figure the healing will get more complicated as I get more tools at my disposal but for the time being I am enjoying myself.  I had leveled Arcanist to 15 over the weekend in preparation for nearing 30 conjurer, since White Mage is a combination of the two.  I might return to leveling Arcanist at some point so I can become a scholar, but I feel no real pressing need to either.

The thing I found funny was that the level 30 Conjurer quest was far more difficult than the quest to actually become a white mage.  Even moreso I found it odd that in order to do my quest to get the unicorn mount I had to shift back to Conjurer as well.  In any case I finished both and am now an up and coming white mage ready to take on the world.  After coming home from the rosary last night I worked my way up to 32 so that hopefully someday tonight I can start running Brayflox for gear.  I have two pieces of the battlemage set but I would really like to get the rest of it, or at the very least the robe.  Additionally I would not mind seeing the white mage ring drop either.

Gearing the Warrior

ffxiv 2014-08-27 06-51-03-594 Since it is pretty certain that I will be needing my Warrior for when we start Binding Coil of Bahamut hopefully soonish, I opted to start rolling on Warrior gear in Syrcus tower.  Yesterday Tam and I decided to queue together for our weekly loot run.  Unlike other games you can run Syrcus as often as you like, but you can only take a single piece of loot from there each week.  The nice thing is this allows you to keep running it in the hopes of getting that one item you need.  Since most of the people  in there are after the item to craft their weathered weapon almost all of the gear rots, or at the very least it isn’t terribly contested.  The run started off really smoothly, and our group had a warrior tanking… which to some extent made my heart sink a little.  My goal going into the place was the pick up some warrior loot, but I brought my dragoon just as a backup in case something phenomenal dropped.

The first boss went extremely smoothly, and I was feeling like our tank was doing an amazing job.  On the first boss the warrior gauntlets dropped and moments afterwards the tank was asking for us to pass or roll so he could equip them.  We all did as asked and the moment he got the loot he dropped from the party.  This was the first time I had seen this happen, but apparently it is a frequent occurrence in Syrcus.  The awesome part though is that he was replaced by a really well geared Gladiator, and on the very next boss the Warrior chest piece dropped, allowing me to pick it up easily.  So that combined with picking up the soldiery tome ring takes my Warrior to 91 ilevel and more than ready for the Coil.


8 thoughts on “White Mage Soul

  1. As Missy said, it is not your fault. I, and others, willing took on the challenge knowing what we were in for (hopefully). I was, I hoped from the challenge that it would teach me that it is ok for me to post about anything i like on a regular basis. I posted so sporatically, and i never understood why. i have so many ideas of what i wanted to write about, and i still do. yet, for some reason I’m afraid to. so i ended up struggling trying to come up with something to say. i’m disappointed about that, however it is not your fault, it is with me. my curious relcuant to post. not only to post but with other areas too, to comment on posts i see too for example. i wanted to comment on your article, and practically talked myself out of it. then i thought, but why cant i comment? everything in my life, i seem to be afriad of doing, including gaming. take me days just to do short burst of playing for the videos.

    in any case, the point was that, i am glad i joined the challenge, just didnt work out as you hoped, as i hoped, same as for many of participates i believe.

  2. It’s been enjoyable in a number of ways, but i’m pretty sure I’m going back to posting 2-3 times a week in September.

    I think the most interesting part for me is seeing what other people have written each day. I’m not going to claim to have read everything, but I try to take a look at the posts that show up on the Nook each day.

  3. You and your good intentions.. I had good intentions once..introduced this friend of mine to Everquest… boy did that turn into a monster 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. We enter because we want to, and you should not feel bad in any shape or form that this kind of schedule doesn’t work for everyone 🙂
    We all know what your intentions were when making this challenge and I still do. I wanted to challenge myself and so I did, and it’s been difficult, but that does not mean it’s not worth it in the end.

    We’re adults and we make our own decisions. What follows will not be your responcibility what so ever. And fear not, my love for blogging wont vanish over night. I just need a breather, that is all <3 But I shall finish!! ROAR!

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