Tanking for Strangers

FitBit is Awesome

It is so rarely that you get to brag on a company so I thought I would take a moment to do so on my blog this morning.  My wife and I have had our FitBit flex trackers for a little over a year now, in fact when we looked it up it has been a few weeks over a year.  Mine is still trucking along happily, however recently my wife’s started developing some issues.  Namely it stopped vibrating, which was not a big deal other than the fact that there was no haptic feedback when you put the device to sleep or when you hit your milestone.  This weekend however she started having some significant problems with the battery.  She had charged it fully, and during the course of Saturday the battery drained completely.  This was the second time that it had prematurely drained the battery, so with that and the vibration motor issues… we just assumed the device was shot.

We had gotten a good year of use out of it, and figured at this point it was out of warranty and we would simply just have to buy a new one.  She shot an email to customer support, and then when she got home yesterday decided to give the support hotline a call.  Now this is either really awesome or creepy depending upon your perspective, but the technician on the phone could see various markers like that at the beginning of the day the battery usage on her fitbit was at 90% and drained completely during the course of the day.  We were correct in that the fitbit was out of warranty, but the tech no the phone said that it would not be a big deal.  They are now sending her a brand new fitbit and even checked to see if she needed a new band.  They didn’t have to by the letter of the law, but it is really awesome that they went ahead and took care of the issue.

Tanking for Strangers

ffxiv 2015-04-12 14-50-40-47 One of the things that I have struggled with in Final Fantasy XIV is capping poetics each week.  Now there is a rather easy way to do this, and that is running a random expert every single day.  The problem being that I was only actually doing these when I could muster a full guild group.  In spite of how wonderful the average community member is on Cactuar and the Aether data center, I still have this hang up about tanking for strangers.  This week however I forced myself to push aside this mental block, and I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised with just how enjoyable it has been.  Admittedly this all started for a strange reason, largely that I happened to miss the boat one night on the “guild group”.  I had logged in five minutes after the group formed, so I simply opted to queue as a tank instead by myself.  The result was that the run went quickly and I actually beat the guild group out of the expert.  Then another night, I missed the boat again because I spoke up on teamspeak… but not in free company chat and my comment got missed in the shuffle.  So once again I queued and made really good time through the instance.

These two events acted as a bit of a catalyst that set the chain of actions in motion, that have now lead me to queue almost every night and tank for at least one random stranger.  Before I do so I still ask if anyone wants to do an expert, but if I get no response I know that I can safely queue without much issue.  This ability to cap without much grinding has made other aspects of the game more enjoyable.  As a result I am more likely to offer to tank those low level instances when the guild needs it, because I know I am not quite so “under the gun” on the weekend to hit my 450 poetics cap.  I can’t say I am necessarily completely over my mental block about pug tanking, but I am definitely doing better.  Additionally I am really enjoying that extra 4500 gil from pretty much always getting the tank in need bonus.  Now if this trend continues I can see myself starting to queue for coil turn four…  and attempting to push towards the 200 victory bear mount.  On Wednesday night we ended up queuing for turn four and overall it went really smoothly.

Dusting Off Books

ffxiv 2015-04-11 21-29-26-41 Because of this practice of capping poetics over the last few weeks I am just about to reach one of my goals.  With the release of patch 2.55 they introduced a way for us to be able to get the Encrypted Tomestone needed for my Ironworks Magitek Axe.  All that was really stopping me from getting one was 1300 tomestones of poetics, which feels like a rather daunting task, but in reality is simply hitting the cap three weeks in a row.  It is my hope that between Tuesday and Thursday I can get the last few tomestones I need, and get my axe.  The awesome thing about it is that when I do finally get it I should be able to shift it to the Augmented version giving me a level 130 weapon.  The negative here is that I absolutely hate the appearance of the Ironworks axe…  so more than likely I will still be rocking my Malignant Mogaxe pictured above.  I’ve not been as happy with a weapon in a very long time as I have been with that one.

Now the strange thing this weekend is even though I am inching closer to the 130 weapon…  I ended up dusting off my Animus weapon books and started down that path once more.  I have no clue WHY I am doing this, but I apparently am nonetheless.  I think in part the dungeons were a hold up when I was unwilling to queue for them by myself.  In fact I had a book finished save for a single dungeon run for a very long time, and I finished that book up this weekend starting another.  Essentially I am rolling in soldiery right now, and I need to use it.  Now that I have two classes with 110 weapons simply waiting for me to level them…  I am feeling like maybe that isn’t the best use of my tomestones.  Instead I might as well venture down the path of madness that Ashgar has been blazing and start working on finishing up Animus and preparing for the impact that is the Novus step.  If nothing else it should consume all of my available soldiery for awhile, which is a good thing I guess.

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