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While Carol is busy planning their wedding, Phil hosts his bachelor party.Last night I had one of those nights where I was just restless without good reason for being so.  Every activity I considered doing simultaneously sounded awesome and horrible at the same time.  So while I finished my push to 21 in each of my Final Fantasy XIV crafting professions, I didn’t really accomplished much of use the rest of the evening.  I spent a good chunk of my crafting time test driving Hulu and watching the tv show Last Man on Earth.  My assessment of both is rather mixed.  Firstly having never experienced Hulu my very first impression was precisely “what the fuck is with all these advertisements”.  I finally found a blurb on the Hulu website explaining why they have ads which comes down to a bullshit answer of needing to reduce the cost of the subscription.  How about this, how about you charge an “extra-premium” tier subscription that turns off all of that crap and just lets me watch the shows.

Right now my likelihood of actually staying subscribed to Hulu past the free trial is pretty non-existent for this reason.  To make matters worse it is like watching Cable “On Demand” where they play essentially the same four commercials over and over.  At this point I seriously want to burn down the honey bunches of oats factory that is shown on the Post cereal commercial that they kept playing over and over and over.  After having that drilled into my brain all night long while watching an already sub par television show has made me want to vehemently avoid anything products by Post while roaming around the super market.  I feel like that is counter intuitive to their original mission with the advertisement in the first place.  As far as Last Man on Earth…  the first episode was humorous, but then once Kristin Schaal showed up it progressively went down hill.  Which is sad because normally speaking I adore Kristin Schaal, I still find this skit one of the most hilarious things on the planet.  The problem with both Netflix and Hulu is the shows just keep playing without manual intervention… so I think I ultimately watched one too many episodes before finally deciding I had enough of it and stopped it.

Merry Sith-ness

swtor 2015-05-30 01-43-38-91 Around 10 pm last night I opted to try and go to sleep, thinking maybe my malaise was simply caused by being tired.  The problem being the moment my head hit the pillow it is like a flip got switched in my brain and I was instantly in “super awake” mode.  I tossed and turned trying to figure out a way to get comfortable, and chatted with my wife until she fell asleep.  After an hour of struggling to find sleep I opted to simply get up.  Thinking that if I could go do something my brain would eventually shut the hell up and let me go to sleep.  I’ve suffered from bouts of insomnia my entire life, and sometimes the worst thing I can do is try and force myself to sleep.  Otherwise I will have sat there in bed for three hours and ultimately just end up frustrated that I didn’t get up and do something with that time.  I am not entirely certain why I ended up launching Star Wars the Old Republic other than I have really not played much of it, and they have an insane xp bonus event going on.

I would really like to play the continuation of the main storyline on my Jedi Guardian, but the hard truth there is that I have been gone from the game so long that I quite literally have no clue where to start on it.  Instead I opted to log into my Sith Juggernaut that is knee deep in Balmorra hell.  In theory I could do just the class quests and be off the planet, but I feel a deep need to finish all of the things especially since this is the highest Sith character I have mustered to date.  I am not sure if it was surprising or not but I actually enjoyed myself, but the unfortunately thing is that I managed to stay up until 2 am before sleep finally claimed me.  This is going to make for a long evening with our podcast since I was back up again at 8 am.  Hopefully I will be able to sneak a nap in today, but I have a feeling that since it will be nice outside my wife will want to get out of the house.  We have been suffering through absolutely insane torrential rain.  I heard an estimate that over the last week we have gotten as much rain as we normally get in an entire year.

Beautifying AggroChat


One of my failings is that I have done a pretty piss poor job of advertising the fact that exists and is populated full of good stuff to read.  Ultimately if you are reading Tales of the Aggronaut you are going to be extremely familiar with some of the content, but not all of it.  Essentially was a vehicle that I came up with as a way to pull together all of the content created by the hosts of the AggroChat Podcast.  Additionally this site serves as a way to connect to each of the authors and a better vehicle for receiving both the AggroChat and Bel Folks Stuff episodes.  We have had some grand plans to eventually expand this site to include people who do not already have blogs of their own.  For the time being however it gives you a one stop shop for the following content…

The takeaway is that through this one site you end up with a ton of content delivered on a regular basis.  I personally blog every single day, and Tam blogs five times a week at least.  I keep hoping to add  more news commentary content and game reviews but we have not quite gotten there yet.  I plan on in the near future creating a special section of the AggroChat Game Club games where you can pull in some quick commentary from each of the folks that played it, as well as a link to the show where we discuss it.  Essentially we are going to keep expanding it, so I should do a far better job of promoting it.  So check the site out, and I would be open to any comments and suggestions.  I’ve tried to set the site up in a way that allows you to drill down into specific content by one of our Authors quickly and efficiently.  As of last week I even went back through every episode of AggroChat and indexed which hosts are on which shows so that they show up in our Author category links.  While there is already a lot of great content here, watch the site because I am hoping it gets ever cooler.

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